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Site's statement is the N°1 employment website in Spain.

InfoJobs is the leading employment website in Spain. Created in 1998, it has an average of 180 millions pageviews per month. InfoJobs' mission is to be the quickest and easiest way to match job seekers with employers.

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Summary: Infojobs in a Spanish generalist job board, which has been around for over two decades, helping locals find work as well as recruit. It is present in Italy as well, but the two sites actually have very different origins. Since 2009, both belong to Schibsted Media, which means they are also connected to a number of other job platforms. In fact, Infojobs is operated by Adevinta, which also operated sites like Leboncoin (France), Olx (Brazil) and Subito (Italy). On social media, there are 611 974 followers on Facebook, 258 000 on Twitter and another 11 486 on YouTube. There are also 106 504 followers on LinkedIn, even if there is no icon for the page on the website. As far as job boards go, Infojobs is a global success: it ranks among the top 30 job boards in the world and it attracts 12.99 million visits a month (mostly from Spain).

Design: The homepage emphasises the search engine (keywords and location), which can be used to look for work in Spain or overseas. You can also see a number of featured company pages (which alternate) and their job offers. Once in the job listing, the page doesn’t fill up the window. Some offers are highlighted (in grey) – which are courses – and the filters (type of offer, publication date, province, category, study, experience, salary range, type of hours, and type of contract) include the number of job offers for each in brackets. You can see the publication date, logo and salary information (so you know if there is or isn’t any). You even know if the offer has been edited or republished.

The job board objective: Thanks to the advice section and study guide, it has never been easier to estimate how many jobs are available in your field, the required skills and the useful studies.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters must have a Spanish number (or make one up containing 9 digits, starting with 7, 8 or 9) and a tax identification number. You must create an account to see the prices.

Jobseeker observations: When creating an account, a phone number, your location, your studies and experience are all required. There are also three questions purely for marketing feedback.

The job offers: There are currently 48 713 jobs online. The categories with the most offers are sales, IT and engineering, but many other categories also have thousands of offers.

Reactivity: You can contact the team through Facebook. Via email, it can take a couple of days to get a response.

Special features: Key figures; the app; the YouTube videos; the partner links in the footer (for housing and rentals, for example); the detailed company news; the press releases; the HR blog; the monthly job offer indicators; the “About your data” section; the tips (jobseeker blog); the study guide (for future careers: this includes the number of available jobs on the site, the types of contracts, the minimum amount of studies, the hiring companies, the courses, the degrees and the most in-demand skills).

Verdict: Much like most Schibsted products, Infojobs guaranties security and quality. There is a lot of information for recruiters, but the prices would be a welcome addition to the site.

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Marketing activities

Infojobs communicates a lot on social networks, with a huge fanbase both on Facebook and Twitter (around 150K followers each).

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Alejandro Sanchez Cuervo  - Jobseeker  - 5 reviews
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Alejandro Sanchez Cuervo comment :

Positivo : muchas ofertas, y muchas nuevas negativo : no se puede mandar su candidatura directamente
Rated on 21-04-2016

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