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Site's statement is a premium jobsite. Top brands in Lithuania are listing their vacancies on our website. CV Market is the indispensable partner for companies needing to invest in personnel development with maximum efficiency. It is the biggest job search network in Baltic countries! We are dedicated to continuous liaison with our clients to find the most effective solutions. Our guiding principles are flexibility, innovation and the personal involvement of our consultants.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: As the website indicates, CV Keskus was created by two “entrepreneurial schoolmates” in Estonia in 2000. It quickly became one of the leading career portals so, in 2003, the two also launched CV Market in Latvia and Lithuania. Only last year, the generalist job boards were purchased by Ringier Axel Springer Group. Today, the website attracts about 762 290 views a month in Lithuania and those numbers are currently rising. On social media, the group is mostly present on Facebook with 24 373 followers and they have 391 on Linkedin. Most of the website is available in Lithuanian and English.

Design: The job board design is the same as that of CV Keskus: a dark blue and orange colour scheme with an emphasis on the job offers, which take up the entire homepage. The search engine (location, category and keywords) is at the top of the page and it can become an advanced search (which replaces the filters). You can choose the location, the category, the expiry date, the language, the salary, the working hours, the type of contract and you can tick the following boxes: shift work, work for students, only job offers with the salary, work for adolescents and VIP jobs only. When looking through the industries and locations, you can see the number of job offers for each category in brackets. VIP companies and VIP job offers appear around the screen. If you use Google Translate, some information is translated incorrectly, including the publication date of the job offers. Since there are expiry dates, you can be sure that the offers are updated. They can be sorted by the date, the location, the VIP status or the salary. Standard adverts include a description of the job, the requirements, the benefits and useful information. However, some job offers are customized to reflect the company marketing. If it is a PDF, it is not possible to translate the content.

The job board objective: CV Market targets the Latvian and Lithuanian job market in a quest to make it easier for recruiters and jobseekers to find each other.

Recruiter observations: 1 985 790 CVs have been created through CV Market. The form to create an advert is straightforward and easy to fill out. When browsing the CVs in the database, you can see the age, gender, job category, job title, the desired location, the education level, the last position and the language of communication of the jobseeker.

Jobseeker observations: You don’t need an account to apply to job offers, but you do need a CV. When creating an account, you need to include your last profession, your title, your gender, your mother tongue. You can hide your age and/or your gender though.

The job offers: With about 20 246 job offers on the website at the moment, CV Market has more than 10 000 more offers than it did in January. The most popular categories are customer service, manufacturing jobs, sales, transportation jobs and administrational jobs.

Reactivity: They answer very quickly and are quite friendly.

Special features: the VIP job adverts; the recruitment services; the salary checker (which you can only use if you indicated your last salary in your CV); the blog (in Lithuanian); the CV example; cover letter examples; the free CV database browsing; the close x on adverts; the tests.

Verdict: CV Market is a great website for jobs! We love the career tests and the blog. Very helpful people and easy access to the right information is a good combination for any job board.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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- Advertising on the internet:

  • Search engines;
  • Monthly newsletter & job subsriptions;
  • Public relations;
  • Biggest news portals;
  • Biggest classifieds boards;
  • Niche sites for profession specific campaigns;
  • Business catalogues;
  • Outdoor campaigns on LCD screens;
  • Advertising on Youtube and Spotify;
  • Social networks (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn).

- Advertising on radio

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