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Infojobs is the leader job site in Italy in terms of audience and number of job offers attracting more than 2 million unique visitors, with an average time spent online of about 10 minutes (Source: Nielsen NetRatings ).

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Infojobs is a well-known job board in Italy with 4.07 million views per month and coming in 277th for its activity in Italy (among the different websites visited in the country). Founded in 2004, they used to belong to Intercom World Wide (or Grupo Intercom, which is the same thing) which is based in Spain and privately owned. They also own job boards in India, Austria and Poland. However, since 2009, Schibsted Media has taken over to ensure the quality of the website. Despite belonging to Schibsted, they still have links to their partner websites in India and Poland. 14 500 Twitter, 119 639 on Facebook and even a Youtube page (all the videos are 6 months old), this job board knows how to remain relevant. However, it’s a bit hard to believe that, “every 30 seconds someone gets a job thanks to Infojobs”.

Design: The homepage features the different ways to access the job offers: by popular categories (at the top), through the search engine (keywords and location), the various company pages and the app. They also highlight their success through figures and encourage internet surfers to subscribe. The company pages are quite varied and customized to suit the brand (the ones featured really are hiring). If you access, the jobs through the search engine, filters appear on the left-hand side (publication date, location, category and required education) and the job offers show the job title, the company, the location, the kind of contract, the publication date and the salary (if it is specified). When you open the offer, you also get the requirements, the description and the number of vacancies.

The job board objective: Straight-forward and easy to use, InfoJobs aims to make finding a job online simpler and more secure.

Recruiter observations: Surprisingly, it is rather difficult to find contact information on their website, unless you click on the “employer section”. To create an account, you need to live in Italy (a postcode is required) and they require a tax number.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account (even if you have to fill out many questions about your professional experience and your education). They also ask three questions purely for marketing reasons. At the bottom of the homepage is a link to the company listing with all the company pages. Also, there is a “courses” section on your profile where you can see which courses are the most popular and which companies offer courses.

The job offers: There are currently 48 835 job offers, with new job offers featured as “new”. The most popular categories are production, administration and technician jobs.

Reactivity: --

Special features: CV views; courses; the blog (has not been updated for months); the blog article views; company listing.

Verdict: Much like most Schibsted products, Infojobs guaranties security and quality. It can be slightly more difficult to create an account, but that’s because they pride themselves on being professional.


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Marketing activities

Infojobs has a blog on its website, and communicates on the main social networks. The website is also sponsor of several events such as the workshop "Il nuovo mercato del lavoro".

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