FAQ Jobboardfinder

Our Jobboard Finder FAQ has been set up in order to reply to the most popular questions that are asked by our users. We hope this will help you to understand our platform. If you are unable to find the answer to your question please contact our customer service team.


What is Jobboardfinder ?

Jobboard Finder is not a job board, but a purchasing and posting tool service for your advert around the world.

However, we are the largest job search engine. We also have the largest comparison job website tool in the world.

Can I publish a job listing on your platform ?

JobBoard Finder is the world’s largest job board search engine. It allows recruiters to find the most appropriate job board to post their advert. It is not possible to publish directly a job listing on our site as we are not a job board, but you can publish your job listing on one of our partner job boards.

How does Jobboard Finder work ?

Jobboard Finder gives you the opportunity to search job sites by country, sector, type and name. You can combine as many criteria as you want to obtain precise search results.

The results will show a list of job boards which match your criteria and key information about each site is included to provide an in depth analysis of the websites.

You can compare job boards based on rates, online traffic, number of job ads and select the right media for your recruitment needs. You can also buy advertisement space for the job boards you select and post your job offers on them.

Is Jobboard Finder a job board ?

Jobboard Finder is not a job board, but a platform that will help you choose the best media for your recruitment. You have the option to buy advertisement space at the best price, which can only be found exclusively at Jobboard Finder. Fill out the details on our online form and proceed to payment to post and manage your job ads directly from your dashboard.

Can I delete my account ?

Yes, by contacting our customer service team and requesting the closure of your account.

How can I change my password ?

Go to the Change Password page. Enter your new password and click the green button at the bottom to submit. You can also access the Change Password page from the Manage my account page.

How can I change the e-mail address for my account ?

In the My Account section of the Manage my account there is an option to edit your email address, by deleting your old address, replacing it with a new one and clicking update to save it.

Could I request a call back ?

Yes, by getting in touch with our customer service team.

How do I speak to an advisor using Live Chat ?

You can start a Live Chat to speak to an adviser during our working hours

8:30 – 12:30 CET and 14:00- 18 :00 CET.

The option for Live Chat will pop up during your ordering process. (Post a job section)

I lost my login and/or password how can I get it back ?

For a lost password, click here or hover over the LOGIN sign at the top right of the screen and there is an option to change your password by entering your account’s email address.

How can I unsubscribe from your mailing list ?

To unsubscribe from our emails please, send us a message at contact@jobboardfinder.com.

How can I place an order directly on your site ?

To proceed simply use the post a job button, insert your advert information (company description, function, etc...), select a job board you would like to publish your advert on, confirm your order and pay online. We will then post the advert and you will receive a statistics report with information about the advert’s online traffic and popularity.

How can I write a review ?

To write a review:

1. Sign into your account and use our job board search engine

2. Type the name of a job board or use the advanced search.

3. Click on “Add a review” or “Be the first to review this jobsite”

FAQ for Recruiters

What is the difference between the "Post a job" option and "Get a quotation" button ?

Post a job : Our Post a job feature allows you to publish your job advert in a quick and easy way.

  • Write an advert
  • Choose your job board
  • Add features and options
  • Make your online and secure payment
  • We will do the rest
Post a job on Jobboard Finder

Get a quotation : If you prefer you can Request a quotation and one of our consultants will contact and offer you advice. We will be happy to help you choose the most relevant job board.

How can we help you with your recruiting process ?

We can advise you on which are the best websites in the targeted country and provide you with all the relevant statistics. Given our position in the market as a communication agency specializing in HR and the number of job adverts we buy and resell every month we can assure you a very competitive price.

What are the payment methods ?

Only credit cards are accepted online via our website. Contact our customer service team for more payment options.

How many jobs can I post at once ?

Online only one job offer can be posted at a time but should you wish to post more, then please get in contact with our customer service team and we will be able to help you.

How long will it take for my job advert to show up on my chosen job board ?

This depends on the chosen website and their processing time, but usually within a week.

What types of job I cannot post ?

You may not use POST A JOB on JobBoard Finder in a manner that does not comply with applicable local, national and international laws, including but not limited to laws relating to labor and employment, equal employment opportunity and employment eligibility requirements, data privacy, data access and use, and intellectual property.

When will I be billed ?

This depends on you bank processing time and if you order through one of our consultants.

Can I publish a job listing for free ?

All of our job postings are subject to a fee.

What should I include in my job description ?

You should try and describe your company in a nice and appealing way; including as much relevant information as possible. By adding the required qualifications of the candidate, where the job will be based and the contract type.

What is included in the price of job posting ?

The purchase details, posting service and performance reporting are all included in the price

When ordering online, how can I choose the most relevant job board ?

This depends on what criteria you are looking for: the industry, the audience and the traffic on the websites.

Can you translate my job advert into another language ?

Yes, for a small fee we can translate in any language.

How do I post a job on your platform ?

You have two possibilities of job posting.

On our homepage click on Post a Job, write your advert, choose where you would like your job board to be published and then add extra options or order directly.

Alternatively, once you are on the profile of the job board that you would like your advert to appear on, just simply click on Post a job button.

Why can’t I just post on all these job boards myself ?

Because our service includes multi diffusion and we provide you with statistics, so that we can create a personalized report to match your needs and you can find the best possible job board.

Can I get a refund ?

No. Once your job board advert has been published, there is no refund available.

How long the job posting last ?

This depends on the type of product you will be choosing. Most of the time, the advert lasts 30 days.

What job posting options do I have ?

The options include the length of time the job post will last, if you want the job logo to be included, if you want to appear at the top of our search results, or if you want a full HTML corporate advert.

FAQ for Job Seekers

Why should I use Jobboard Finder ?

By using Jobboard Finder you can identify the right job board that will help you to secure your dream job anywhere in the world.

How Jobboard Finder can help me with my job search ?

Our site is highly recommended for job seekers looking to secure job opportunities abroad by evaluating the job boards available in different country and advising which job board is best to use for their search.

FAQ for Job boards

What are the benefits of being referenced by Jobboard Finder ?

Thanks to your presence on Jobboard Finder you can reach out to a global audience, gain international exposure and increase clientele.

How often should I update my profile ?

You should update your profile to keep up to date with your current information.

What are the fees for being referenced on your site ?

Being referenced on our site is free!

The original account holder is no longer with the company. Can I be made the account admin ?

Contact our customer service team and request a change of account admin.

How do I edit an existing profile ?

In order to edit your existing profile, go to My Dashboard and under Manage my job boards there is an option to edit.

How can I appear as a top position in your search results ?

Contact our customer service team for advice on the best advertising options for your company. However, you can have this information on the page : Advertising on Jobboardfinder.

How is your score calculated ?

The job board finder score is calculated according to 4 criteria (see below) and to improve this score we recommended sending our customer service team a screenshot of the Google Analytics data (visits and page views) for the audience that the job board provides us with.

  • The certification of the audience (by a national organism or with a screenshot of your analytics)
  • The completeness of the profile (the more data provided, the more points it will get)
  • The freshness of data is taken into account in your score calculation, updating your company profile regularly will automatically upgrade your rating
  • The ranking: Each job board is compared to similar job boards and ranked accordingly.
What do I need to do in order to have my job board referenced on Jobboard Finder ?

You need to create a profile for your job board and one of our team members will verify your information and then it will be published. However, you should note all information must be written in English and should include as many details as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • It is MANDATORY to fill in the information in English because of the international dimension of our site
  • The site’s statement section must have at least 200 words of unique content (no copy/paste from About or social media section)
  • Your job board will be published only if you fill out all fields in your profile. We encourage you to complete the optional fields in order to make your job board more attractive to recruiters.
  • All job boards with incomplete profiles or vague description will be rejected and all data provided by you will be verified by our team.
  • We currently do not accept any job boards with less than 100 job listings published and we need to be able to see your traffic figures measured by recent and leading analytics tools (Such as SimilarWeb, SEMRush, etc)