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Jobstreet Indonesia provides online recruitment services and marketing and distribution of online job posting/resume search products.

Since 1995, has grown to become one of the leading Internet Recruitment websites in the Asia-Pacific, revolutionising the way recruitment is done today. offers a comprehensive suite of interactive recruitment services. International and local Asian corporations recruit from’s ever-increasing pool of top talent and manage their recruitment process through uniquely developed software applications via the Internet.

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  • is one of the leading job boards in Indonesia.
  • The design of the website is very modern, clear and easy to use.
  • Job offers are of a good quality, however you have to create an account to apply to the job ads.
  • This site is also available in English which is a plus for international jobseekers and employers willing to dobusiness in Indonesia.
  • Jobstreet is a safe bet for your job search or candidate search in Indonesia!


Indonesia recruitment market status

High level of unemployment and strict laws limiting the hiring of internationals that mean the job sector is not as prosperous as it its neighbouring countries.

Finding top talent in Indonesia is hard, and many young professionals migrate to nearby countries that offer more opportunities and better environment to develop professionally.

That is why much of Indonesian hiring is based on referrals of personal connections; recruiters looking on job sites will not receive large numbers of quality applicants

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