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Site's statement is the biggest Career Portal in Finland, establishing an unrivalled market position since its launch in 1998. Our wide range of personalised solutions include everything from Job Postings and Engagement Campaigns, to technology-enabled recruitment life-cycle solutions such as our easy-to-use Teamio ATS ( and Video Interviewing tools (

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Summary: In the world of job boards, Monster is, well, a monster of a job board. As some of you might know, Monster was sold to Randstad, a huge international staffing company, in 2016, which did not help the job site regain its leading position as hoped unfortunately. Instead, Monster continues to struggle to maintain its prestigious reputation. That said, the Finnish version is still relevant. This particular site belongs to Alma Media. It gets about 440 440 visits a month (half of what it used to get 3 years ago) and it has an impressive range of Youtube videos, as well as 7 462 Twitter followers, 818 on LinkedIn, 701 on Instagram and 21 391 on Facebook. The site is available in Finnish and English.

Design: The familiar purple monster is the backdrop on the homepage. The search engine is in two parts (keywords and location) and a keyword is required to start your search. The homepage also includes a list of popular locations and jobs, other services and a survey (on the left-hand side). The job listing features the important information (location, position, publication date and company) and usually shows one job offer next to a list of all the others corresponding searches. As for the filters, they are fairly limited: the job title, the location, the country and the company. The offers can be sorted by relevance or by date.

The job board objective: Thanks to a global presence, Monster has a trusted, standard design, which recruiters can feel comfortable using for international and local campaigns. A postcode is required.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters can order advert space through the site or contact the team for a customized solution.

Jobseeker observations: All you need is a Facebook account or e-mail address to create an account.

The job offers: There are thousands of job offers but it’s impossible to determine the exact number.

Reactivity: The team answers quickly.

Special features: The YouTube videos; the app; job alerts; the Truste stamp; the surveys; the salary calculator; the link to Teamio; CV and interview tips.

Verdict: In Finland, the Monster traffic has dropped quite a bit. It remains a relevant job site in the country, with extra tools for jobseekers.


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Media Partners Iltalehti is a major Finnish news media. Its combination of digital and print channels reaches more than 2,2 million Finns weekly, throughout the country. Kauppalehti is a multichannel news outlet focusing on economic phenomena and the money market in the digital era. Finnish decision-makers read Kauppalehti.

Alma Media: Alma Media is a dynamic multi-channel media company with a strong capacity for renewal. Our products are the leading media and service brands in their respective fields and they have a strong market position in most of the operating countries. Our best-known brands include Kauppalehti, Iltalehti, Aamulehti, and

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