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Naturejobs is a global career resource for scientists and the world’s largest dedicated science jobs board. We advertise international science jobs across Nature Publishing Group journals as well as centrally at We also provide a wide range of free career articles, advice and information for scientists and run a CV database for jobseekers.

Looking for a science job? We have thousands of science job vacancies across a wide range of sectors, disciplines and career stages. You can also sign up for the Naturejobs jobseeker newsletter to stay up to date with the latest science career news and jobs.

Planning to recruit scientists? We have a comprehensive range of advertising options to help you find the right candidate or promote your organization. You can also sign up for the Naturejobs employer newsletter to stay up to date with our latest news and upcoming advertising opportunities.

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Summary: The Journal Nature belongs to Springer Nature and was first published in 1869! Since then, offices have popped up all over the world, especially in Asia, the UK and the US and the journal has gone online. In 2000, the website focused on science started to offer job opportunities to its readers. It is so successful that not only does it have followers for the journal (1.89 million on Twitter, 422 068 on Facebook, a Linkedin and Instagram page), but it has a further following on the Nature Career pages (20 800 on Twitter and 61 448 on Facebook). If you’re looking for information on scientific and medical advancements or if you would like a career in research and other academic fields, then Nature is making it easy to find relevant positions. You can also check out their Youtube videos (530 other people follow the page). The main page attracts a whopping 24.72 million views per month from all over the world.

Design: To access the job offers, there is a box at the bottom of the page called “” and a button to “view all”. From there, the job board appears on the screen with a search engine (keywords and the location) at the top of the page, featured employers (only half of which currently have job offers) and featured jobs. The institution pages are quite detailed (they include a description, at least one image or logo and can even include videos). Popular jobs in the US and in Europe are at the bottom of the page. Once in the job listing, there are filters (the discipline, the job type, the employment hours, duration and qualifications) and the number of jobs in each category. The job offers can be sorted by their newness or their relevance. Some of the job offers are months – if not years – old. That said, the offers have expiry dates. The featured offer say “featured on the side” and are blue (but they don’t necessarily appear above the other offers).

The job board objective: Thanks to its success as a journal, Nature Careers now makes it easier for research professionals to hear about relevant career opportunities.

Recruiter observations: The institution you would like to recruit for must be recognised by the site. You must have a logo for the advert if you create you post through the site. A tax number is also requested but not necessary to complete the form. The pricing information is on the site.

Jobseeker observations: Even if you can apply though the website, most of the job offers include instructions for the application and a contact e-mail address. If you do apply through the site, a CV is required, and the cover letter is optional.

The job offers: Most job offers require a PhD and most of them are in life science. There are currently 1 713 job offers. Practically all the jobs are full-time.

Reactivity: There are many phone numbers and e-mail addresses to choose from to contact the website. The team answered us a few days after we sent our message.

Special features: The articles; the timeline; the Youtube videos; the job alerts; the list of definitions of terms used on the site; the events; the career expos (which you can even host).

Verdict: Regardless of whether you’re looking for a job of a candidate, if you work in the field of science and research, you should definitely keep an eye on this website. It’s a great way to discover institutions and current research. Only academic or research institutions can post on the site.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities is also a blog:

The Naturejobs newsletter is an e-bulletin that delivers a pick of the latest career articles, science jobs and employment news as well as keeping you up to date with Naturejobs announcements and career fairs.

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Posting a job at is free of charge, and it will be added to the job boards on our sister sites Scientific American and Spektrum der Wissenschaft. European jobs will also be added to the Euraxess Jobs website, a European initiative for researchers and research organisations.

You can also advertise your science job in print or online with more than 80 science publications from the Nature Publishing Group portfolio – including:

  • Nature
  • Nature Medicine
  • Nature Chemistry
  • Scientific American


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