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Site's statement searches thousands of jobs from job boards, agency jobsites and company career pages in Bulgaria. Vertical Job Search Engine Buljobs provides fast and convenient access to thousands of job ads in Bulgaria by aggregating job offers from three main types of sources: job portals, companies directly searching for employees and recruitment agencies. Through a specialized search platform, Buljobs indexes job vacancies, automatically monitors and offers effective methods for systematizing / categorizing and filtering content across different criteria: position profile, business sphere, location, keywords, company name or recruitment agency. Buljobs is targeted towards helping find relevant job position from a large number of job offers available on the internet. Job seekers are redirected to the original job listing at:

  • Job Boards
  • HR Recruitment Agency websites
  • Company Career pages

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

For employers and human resources professionals Buljobs offers:

  • new ways to promote your job ads
  • opportunity to access representative statistics on trends and patterns of user search (most searched sectors, positions, keywords) to help optimize and make job offers more successful
  • a quick and easy way to include your job ads as an xml file
  • Increase traffic to your site

Latest innovations

For jobseekers, Buljobs provides a new, quicker and more effective method of searching jobs in Bulgaria:

  • one-click search in thousands of jobs from different sources in Bulgaria
  • saves time to crawl multiple sites in searching of vacancies for a specific position
  • optimizes the job search process directing the candidate to a filtered list of offers for similar positions, based on the initial search criteria
  • the integrated Jobs Notifier saves the personalized list of search criteria and automatically notifies the user by e-mail for new jobs matching the specified filter.

Aggregated websites

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