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JobsInYangon is the hiring platform to source, engage and recruit top talent. The platform provides hiring managers and recruiters with everything they need to post a job, manage candidates and make the right hiring decision. It offers recruiting management software integrated with the best recruiting practices to make recruiting/hiring,fast, convenient, social, collaborative, enjoyable and easy. Founded in 2012, is local service Myanmar company.

It provides the best range of job offers and job vacancies for every jobseeker in Myanmar with hundreds of jobs online.  It covers Myanmar and international jobs at It is built especially and only for job search in Myanmar for Myanmar people. Choose your job. Love your job.  

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: According to the website, JobsinYangon belongs to FACE24 Ltd.Co (but there isn’t a lot of information about them on the internet) in the “About us” section, but the blurb in the footer says the website is a part of Roger Quest International (a Singaporean company). It would seem that the second company is a far more likely bet (especially since they advertise on JobsinYangon through pop-ups). Either way, social media responds well to the generalist job board: it has 1 106 376 Facebook followers and over 15 000 on Linkedin. Furthermore, the website is listed as the 168th most visited in Burma, gets 90 790 hits a month and it has an app (which sometimes goes by a slightly different name).

Design: A very appealing design is used for their homepage. The backdrop image is a blurred video of an office space, and the search engine (category, location, keywords) is over the top of it. Below the image, icons represent some of the more popular categories and figures help visualise the success of JobsinYangon. It’s a bit unfortunate that some of the featured companies aren’t actually hiring, but the website has an interesting way of introducing its job offers (two lists: one with the hot jobs and the other with the new jobs). Images and icons are an important part of the design: jobs by location and jobs by sector also feature some of the categories with appealing images. In the footer, they advertise other job boards, like their partner website for expat jobs. Once in the job board listing, you can use the filters (the location, the category, the type of employment, the gender, the publication date, the company name) for a more accurate search. Indeed, we recommend you do because more than 20 pages say that the job offers are all from “today”, but the filter only shows 10 offers! That’s a pretty big difference. Pop-ups appear in the job listing but they are of a very different colour so it isn’t confusing. Each job offer includes the following sections (even if they are empty): the company (industry and number of employees), company description, the job description, the desired skills and expertise, language skills, we offer, work location, job details and more offers from this company. Each company page includes the following sections (whether they are filled out or not): About us, what company offers, company vision and mission, working environment and company culture, job opportunities. It can also include photos (and one large featured image). Not all the information is translated.

The job board objective: JobsinYangon (which offers jobs in all of Myanmar) aims to simplify the job search and employee search, while maintaining a certain level of quality.

Recruiter observations: It’s very easy to create an account. You have to purchase a package or credits before you can create an advert though (pricing information is available on the website).

Jobseeker observations: When creating an account, you have to provide your location (in Myanmar), a phone number and a current profession. Your CV receives a score and a category: perfect, average, wrong. If you don’t have a CV, or it is “wrong”, you cannot apply to job offers.

The job offers: There are 8 290 job offers. Sales is by far the most popular job category, followed by accounting. There is a very wide selection of categories.

Reactivity: --

Special features: The cute ant logo; the blog (in Burmese, it includes the number of views); the app; the assessment test (even if it is blocked because the Roger Quest website is blocked); job alerts; the “wrong” CV grading; testimonials; company following.

Verdict: JobsinYangon has a very appealing design. One of its biggest laws would be the website honesty, but it is still a good job board for recruiters and jobseekers alike.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

Myanmar recruitment market status

Myanmar is currently going through political, social and economic revival. It has a huge quantity of natural resources and inexpensive manpower

Recruitment restriction in Myanmar

  • All employees in Myanmar must be employed under a prescribed employment contract template

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Marketing activities

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1. We will offer you unlimited access to our whole CV database (now we have 123 000 CVs and during one more year you will get additional 50-70k freshly registered CVs more). Automatic CV replacement no questions asked.

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10. We have two national Radio programs coverage (Radio FM, Mandalay FM), so it is a part of it as well.

11. Once working with us in Online Recruitment, you are entitled for big discount in Candidate Assessment, Executive search and possible CC outsourcing


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