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Site's statement has a wide range of options and functionalities that help candidates and companies to find each other easily and quickly. is the preferred engineers jobsite in Denmark

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Summary: JobFinder is a specialist Danish job board, which targets engineers, technical and IT specialists. It belongs to the Teknologiens Mediehus group, which has been around since the 80s off the internet, and since the early 2000s on the internet. In addition to online sites and services, Teknologiens Mediehus also has a recruitment agency since 2011 and it runs career fairs. As for the JobFinder, it attracts 60 240 views per month a month, which isn’t bad for a niche job board. On social media, there are 2 418 followers on Facebook, but there is no specific JobFinder page on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Design: The homepage is very straight forward. If you have an idea of what you want, you can start with the search engine (keywords, location and distance). Otherwise, there are suggested categories, featured in a grid with photos. Freelancer and student jobs are also accessible through the homepage. You can find highlighted jobs and a different introduction to the site depending on whether you are a jobseeker or a recruiter. There is even a link on the homepage to a page on freelance jobs, which includes offers on the website. In the listing, logos are visible, but no publication dates unless the offer is expiring soon. However, if you open the offer, you can see both the publication date and the expiry date in the useful information. Recruiters must define an expiry date. A map and other similar offers (at the bottom) are also available for each job offer. Users can also browse the company pages (in alphabetical order), which include a logo, a brief description and contact information. You can search for a specific company with a keyword or you can view only direct employer/only recruiters. They are in alphabetical order. There are filers, but only the category one works.

The job board objective: JobFinder hopes to promote job offers to their already large engineering and IT database.

Recruiter observations: You can find the prices online. You can create an account with LinkedIn, Facebook or an e-mail address. It’s very simple to set up an account and no specific identification (like the VAT number) is required.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account. You can then apply to job offers (as long as you include a CV).

The job offers: There are 288 job offers, down by about 100 job offers compared to last year. IT, management, energy & environment are the top categories.

Reactivity: Names and numbers for different staff members can be found through the parent company. The team answers within 24 hours.

Special features: The blog (no dates); following the company options; links to partner websites.

Verdict: IF you want to tap into a large database of candidates and workers in the IT field, who already read the Teknologiens Mediehus, using their job board is the way to go. The site is straightforward and it has English language options.

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