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Turijobs es la compañía líder en desarrollo de talento en el sector turístico y hostelero con la mayor base de profesionales y empresas de España y presencia internacional en países como México, Brasil y Portugal. Llevamos más de 14 años trabajando con una visión integrada de los recursos humanos, conectando a profesionales con compañías de referencia en la industria.

Nacimos como una plataforma digital de empleo y hemos evolucionado para ofrecer más servicios relacionados como cursos de formación, novedosas dinámicas a medida para la captación de talento presencial y online, consultoría  de employer branding y eventos formativos orientados a profesionales.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Founded in 2001 by Xavier Martín Canals, Turijobs is originally a Spanish specialist job board, which has since expanded to Mexico, Brazil and Portugal. The site focuses on jobs in tourism and hotels. It was acquired by StepStone in September 2017 and it has continued to be successful, attracting 672 710 visitors a month in Spain and about 88 190 visitors in Mexico. On social media, there are 34 816 followers on LinkedIn, 18 527 on Facebook, 2 684 on Twitter and 507 on Instagram. There is also a YouTube account for all of the portals. Through Turijobs, you can look up jobs as well as courses.

Design: The dominant colour of Turijobs is red. The search engine (keywords, category, location) appears over a backdrop of hotel staff and the rest of the page features highlighted job offers or recent ones. All of the featured companies on the homepage (under the search engine) are hiring. Those of you who don’t have time to sit in front of a desk to look for work will be happy to know there is an app. Once in the job listing, the filters (state, zone, studies, experience, type of contract, type of hours, level, language and publication date) appear on the left-hand side. In the listing, logo (but not publication dates) are visible. Despite that, the job offers (and company pages) are very clear. The useful information is at the top of the page; the core of the page is the description, followed by the requirements and on the side, the vacancies and applications are visible. There is a company listing, but many of the companies don’t have a logo.

The job board objective: Turijobs aims to make the tourism job search effortless in a number of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, where the industry is always booming.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters can post their first job offer or course for free. However, you cannot create an account if you do not have the right tax number and phone number.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account but you must fill in all the required fields of your online CV to actually apply to jobs.

The job offers: There are 490 job offers on the site. Most are in customer service and kitchen jobs. More jobs require English than Spanish.

Reactivity: --

Special features: The YouTube videos; the key figures; the app; the blog (in different sections); job alerts; the courses; job alerts; the app; the testimonials; the number of people who have already applied to the job; drawings and names of the team members (on the non-Mexican version of the site).

Verdict: Free posting is always a plus, especially on a popular and ethetically appealing site. However, you need to be in the country to use this site. For jobseekers, you’ll need to take the time to actually fill out your online CV, but then you can simply browse on your phone. Too easy!

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Marketing activities

Turijobs communicates on several media and social networks, and benefits from the media coverage of Group BT.

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Media Partners

Turijobs benefits from the media coverage of its group Grupo BT, which owns several tourism-related newspaper and a few travel guides.

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