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Poslovi Infostud Presentation

Site's statement is the leading employment website in Serbia, intended for employers and job seekers. It is your closest partner in finding employees in Serbia.

What we strive for wants to raise the level of employment in Serbia and affect the expansion and improvement of employment opportunities for people in our country.
People who are thinking about choosing or changing jobs and careers can rely on which seeks to expand the horizons of the possibilities of finding a job. wants to encourage and support employers in developing proper employment policies and investment in human resources and enable them to build successful and effective teams.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Poslovi.Infostud was founded in 2000 by a brother and sister duo: Branimir Gajic and Branislava Gajić Stanojević. The Serbian generalist job board is actually a part of the Infostud group, which also owns other online platforms. Today, Alma Media owns a quarter of Poslovi.Infostud but the founders continue to run the business. On social media, there are 4 207 followers on Twitter (nothing new since last year), 10 600 on Instagram, 11 497 on LinkedIn, 189 704 on Facebook and 421 on YouTube. The site attracts 1.05 million visits a month making it the top Serbian job board. After spending a bit of time on the site, it isn’t hard to see why.

Design: The homepage has large font and large boxes making it very easy to navigate around the website. There’s a search engine (keywords and location) at the top of the page, followed by a long list of featured companies (and current jobs) and featured positions in a kind of grid. Logos are particularly prelevant. In the job listing, half of the list is jobs corresponding to your search, next to featured employers (and their positions) and finally, on the right-hand side, the hot jobs. Jobs can only be posted for 15 or 30 days, so it’s safe to say they are updated, not to mention there are expiry dates. In fact, the filters (which are an advanced search) are the employer, education level, expiry date, type of employment, publication date, language and sector. You can also tick one of the following boxes: student friendly, disability friendly. If you open a job offer, information from the company page appears on the side. In the company listing, you can have your company featured at the top of the page in the slides, or you can simply have it appear in the list, which displays logos, company names and the number of current job offers. The company pages are completely customisable. The pages can include a full backdrop, a description, multimedia (images and video), benefits, articles, employee profiles, social media links, social media feed, contact info, a map and current jobs.

The job board objective: Infostud aims to improve the online business in Serbia. Thanks to Poslovi.Infostud, more and more people have access to interesting job offers.

Recruiter observations: The recruitment section is available in English. Prices are on the website. A phone number is required but otherwise, it is relatively simple to create an account. When creating an advert, recruiters can include preliminary questions.

Jobseeker observations: Jobseekers can create an account using their LinkedIn, Facebook or e-mail account. It’s so easy to create an account and all you need is a CV to apply to job offers.

The job offers: There are currently 2 756 job offers on the site. Most of them are in sales, mechanics or the electrical field. There are 1 658 companies advertising on the site.

Reactivity: To contact the team, there are photos and personal e-mail addresses. The team answers very quickly on chat support.

Special features: The blog; the key figures; the app; the job alerts; chat support.

Verdict: Poslovi.Infostud not only has a great back-story, it’s also an amazing website. Clear information, detailed and informative company pages, good social media, and disability awareness through the filters. What more could you want?

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Poslovi Infostud organised 2 projects in 2013 : - “Best employer” which for the 4th time shows the level of employee satisfaction in Serbia. - The “Regional Virtual Career and Education Days”: a one-week virtual fair organized in October with our partners from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited by more than 150,000 people. We give each year the Best selection process’ award. During 2013 we also organized marketing campaigns to promote our new redesigned website and our Android app

Aggregators &
Media Partners

We have media partnership with daily newspapers - Politika and 24sata.

Mobile applications


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