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Together Abroad – “The online Multilingual Job Board in The Netherlands” 

Together Abroad is a multilingual Job Board and Career Portal providing jobs of all languages, job fields and locations around The Netherlands.  The career services, such as CV checks, CV rewrites, Career Counselling and Job Interview training are aimed at helping individuals reach their career goals. 

We provide job search support services and training to skilled workers who would like to enter the job market or find new employment in The Netherlands. We also provide support and customized solutions to clients seeking new and international talents for their talent pool. 

With the combined benefit of understanding both The Dutch labour market and the international terrain, we are well poised to offer customized solutions that will take into consideration the career aspirations of job seekers and match them with suitable job opportunities in The Netherlands. Our goal is to coach and guide you towards employment opportunities that are well matched to your skills and competencies while bearing in mind your future growth needs. To achieve this, we will provide you with customized coaching to suit your skills and competencies. We will work with you to customize your CV to suit the jobs you would like to apply for and finally we will coach and prepare you for future job interviews. We will also leverage on our strong network base to ensure that you get maximum exposure thereby significantly increasing your chances of finding suitable employment in The Netherlands.
WTC The Hague Business Center

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Together Abroad is a user friendly job site for multilingual profiles. Candidates can select jobs by languages. According to SimilarWeb, over 59% of users are located in the Netherlands and nearly 8% in the U.S. and 4% in Germany. Since February 2015, traffic dropped with 110,000 estimated monthly visits at that time down to 55,000 in May 2015 (SimilarWeb).

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Our network is constantly expanding through social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as job search engines like Glassdoor and Indeed. Not only a bunch of  social media sites, but also a cross media partners expands penetrations across the network.

Whatever your audience, Together Abroad’s network is your solution to reach the international and multilingual candidates you want working for you.


Aggregators &
Media Partners

When you post vacancies with Together Abroad, your jobs are automatically pushed through a network of cross-media and search engine channels we’ve hand selected to solve the more complex issues international recruiters face. Whether you have a single job posting or multiple postings, each with different criteria, we’ll use our unique recruitment marketing campaigns to target your desired audiences online, via cross-media bannering and content marketing. 


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