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ChooseYourBoss is the IT recruitment site made by IT for IT. You only receive offers that match your criteria. This includes the position, salary, skills, and type of companythat you are looking for. Finally there is an end to incessant spamming of unskilled offers! Your profile will only be offered to the recruiter if you agree to the match.

Profiles of applicants by technology on :

  • PHP : 29%
  • Javascript : 28%
  • Java : 26%
  • C# : 13%
  • C++ : 11%
  • Python : 7%
  • Android : 7%

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Choose Your Boss is an French job board for the IT sector:

  • Unfortunately the site is only available in French 
  • However the design is very attractive, inviting and it is easy to navigate 
  • On the homepage, there is an interactive number of recruiters, job seekers and connections happening on the site at the moment
  • There is also a clear process of how it works described on the homepage
  • Also, on the homepage there is a list of recruiters that use the site regularly 
  • You can do a quick search at the bottom of the page according to job type, region, and company 
  • Or you can do a general search and use the filters
  • There is no date of publication on the job postings, so we have no way of knowing if this site is regularly updated!

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