Media buying optimization

We are a recruitment media agency, which operates with proficiency on both online and traditional recruitment platforms internationaly.
In using Jobboard Finder & Aktor Interactive media buying services,
you will be guided through the choice, purchase and publication of your job offers, as well as a performance breakdown of these.

Media Buying solution I tell you my needs

HR Media Buying expertise

We work with you in order to capitalize on the exposure and success of your adverts, as well as ensuring you get the best value for money with your selected media leading to the outcomes you need in terms of both applicants and recruitments


  • Directing your offer to the right clients
  • Choosing your media, be it social networks, job fairs or aggregator sites
  • Making the most of your available resources

Our one-of-a-kind knowledge and skills have allowed us to establish and run campaigns in a hundred countries worldwide, as well as founding connections with thousands of different media platforms

Evaluating and Assessing

Scrutinising the success and efficiency of your adverts and chosen media in terms of page visits, clicks and applications created

Working according to budgets and payment plans, using Jobtools tracking software

We specialise in purchasing media and capitalising on budgets for recruitment and human resources. We personalise our solutions for every customer, considering efficiency, no-commitment costs, Framework Agreements, advertising companies and one-off purchases


  • Price discussion
  • Mediation between seller and buyer
  • Costs, according to several factors

Based on quantity, performance, with or without minimum commitment,…

Publishing the advert

  • Boosting your content (in terms of font and visual appeal) as well as effectiveness of your advert, using SEO and tags
  • Translation and localisation
  • Amending visual aspects and graphics of the advert
  • Editing and correcting
  • Classification and media enhancement publishing, using Aktor Robopost crossposting software
  • Regular post-publication checks

We lead you throughout the process of jobposting, from the first point of contact and consultation to the statistics write-up, post-campaign.

Our commitment to you


Combining our values and media performance software to assure excellence, competence and honesty for our clients.


Pragmatism, practicality, market knowledge and constant analysis in the execution of the media planning are the keys for a qualitative ROI.


Our analytical skills, knowledge and audience interaction mean that we promise our clients effective campaigns, and are always exploring new venues in advertising and media.

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