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SAPO Emprego is a job portal and has the objective to facilitate the search processes and jobs, to approach companies and candidates for the rapid economic and placement of professionals in the labor market. The SAPO Employment acts as a intermediary between advertising companies and candidates, working in partnership to facilitate the recruitment process. However, the selection processes are the sole responsibility of advertising companies.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

SAPO is a very easy to use job board that offers a large selection of available jobs in Portugal and other European countries. The adverts are updated regularly and are from a wide range of job types.

The website is easy to navigate as there are filters to make your search more precise and an option to show all jobs in one search. You can even see the job offers from other European countries by clicking on the option in the search bar. 

You can filter the search by looking for jobs in a specific area, jobs that require a level of education and how regularly they were updated. 

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Marketing activities

  • We provide a range of innovative tools for online applications management. For companies, we have a wide range of job placement ads services, ranging from the free ads to highlight deals.
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  • Voucher
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  • Ticketline
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