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Vercida, The UK's largest diversity focussed careers site.

We use our expertise and innovative technology solutions to help organisations that value diversity and inclusion to find and employ the best people for their positions. We achieve this through: – the UK’s largest diversity and inclusion focused careers site. We attract quality candidates from a diverse talent pool, help them find out more about your organisation and select the right applicants for your positions. Speak This Page – our cutting-edge, Microsoft-approved technology can make your website speak, ensuring your brand and information is accessible to a wider range of people. Diversityreach – we’ll put your brand in front millions of UK individuals, defined by diversity strand (gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability etc) helping you to target the right audience for your positions. Strategic partnerships – we work with leading organisations such as everywomen and enei to help us deliver on your diversity and inclusion objectives.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion is a very popular job board in the UK;

  • The homepage has a lot of information on it and this at times is overwhelming
  • There is a section for featured jobs on the home page, a news blog with articles about the job board and recruitment 
  • Searching jobs is straighforward and it is possible to view all jobs available on one page
  • Then you can narrow down the search with filters including job title, employer, job type, industry, country, location
  • Signing up is easy and simple, you can link your Facebook and LinkedIn account so it speeds up the whole process
  • The accessibility of the page is very good, there is a button to speak the whole page and it is available in a multitude of languages, about 20 different languages which is great for international clients!

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