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WayUp is the #1 way to hire the right students and recent grads. We are the leading digital solution for employers to reach, engage, and recruit students and recent grads for internships and jobs.  

Start exploring the professional world and find an internship that is right for you, whether that is at a world changing non-profit, fast paced tech company, or Fortune 500.

Over 10 million students use Wayup to launch their careers. Start posting jobs and internships today!

Our Campus Hub helps students get to know companies through video, pictures of the office and employees, and the ability ask questions all year round directly to a hiring manager.


Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Wayup had a rebranding from its previous InternMatch in 2011 and today is a very popular job board for young professionals:

  • The design of the site is attractive and clear to navigate
  • On the homepage, there is a list of featured positions and employers as well as the search engine
  • There is a whole community of job seekers using this service and you can post questions in the forum and ask for advice
  • Also there is a support and guidance section which includes articles on how to create the best profile for job seekers
  • You can link your account with your facebook or linkedin account which makes the sign up process so much easier and quicker 
  • There is the option to do a quick search by selecting a city or a job industry, there is also a list of recently added job offers
  • With a general search you can limit the results according to different filters
  • However there are no clear dates of publication on the job offers, so we cannot be sure that they are being regularly updated!

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Marketing activities

We partnered up with to bring you insider tips on how to succeed in two of the toughest markets out there: Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Check out the first article!

Latest innovations

Our co-founder just wrote a piece over at Mashable on internships and the surprising perks you'll receive working as one at an emerging startup.

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