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CareerEngine is an online job board network focusing on high-skilled bilingual professionals with foreign language competency and professional experience in the global marketplace. The job sites of JapanToday and 12 major Western Chambers of Commerce are powered by CareerEngine.

GaijinPot and CareerEngine are trademarks of GPlusMedia Inc. and part of the Fujisankei Communications Group.

Job Seekers : Find your job in Japan by using CareerEngine's resources to create your resume, search for jobs and apply directly to employers.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

CareerEngine is a convenient job site for bilingual Japanese job vacancies, focusing on skilled professional roles.

  • It has a very attractive home page on which the functions are very clearly available
  • The site is available in Japanese and English making it accessible for international recruitment
  • You can browse the categories for full- or part-time jobs and also based on your Japanese level (ranging from none/ basic grasp, through to business level and native speaker)
  • It is also easy to search by location, industry, and even specific company
  • Job offers are abundant for a wide range of industries and are regularly updated

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Latest innovations

Managed Search, powered by the GPlusMedia network, is a hands-on candidate acquisition, screening and introduction service. Save money and time by letting our experienced HR and Recruiting professionals help you find the right candidates you’re seeking, for one price regardless of salary paid to the candidate.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

The job sites of JapanToday and 12 major Western Chambers of Commerce in Japan and other media partners are powered by CareerEngine.

CareerEngine Partner Chambers

  • Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • British Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Denmark Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Icelandic Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Irish Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Norway Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

CareerEngine Media Partners

  • JapanToday
  • Gaijinpot
  • SavvyTokyo
  • Akihabara News
  • JHRS
  • Japan Reference

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