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Site's statement

Jobbatical. It's a word made up of "job" and "sabbatical". It means a professional career break where people use their skills and knowhow to work on an exciting project in a new team in a new environment. 

Jobbatical connects innovative companies with top tech and business talent around the world. Our mission is to think beyond borders and help the world work together. Building a globally competitive company in a networked age means you’re constantly competing for the best people. Imagine building a truly diverse team of tech and business talent from all over the world. Talent is mobile. Don’t limit your hiring to whoever happens to be available in your neighborhood—inspire the best people from anywhere to join your team. We help companies advertise their jobs to an international candidate pool ready to relocate. We have 85K+ top tech, sales, and business professionals looking to join an inspiring team. Jobbatical is an all-in-one jobs marketplace providing company branding solutions to immigration support. 

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Jobbatical is a very good job board for both job seekers and recruiters in Thailand:

  • It also covers many other countries from all around the world
  • The design of the site is modern and minimalist which is easy to navigate
  • This site is only available in English so this is very interesting for international users
  • The homepage is very attractive and it is pleasant to navigate
  • There is as well images of the "featured challenges"
  • You have the logos of the biggest companies recruiting
  • You can do a quick search called "let's explore"
  • The fact that the website gives a new way to look for a job is pretty interesting
  • The job postings have a clear date of publication on them; so we can safely say that this job board is regularly updated and recent

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Additional job board information

Latest innovations

Our job marketplace provides: 

For talent:

  • Relocation and immigration advice and services (in seleted countries)
  • Bi-monthly email with jobs matching your skills
  • Transparent application service

For employers:

  • Job sourcing integrates with ATS (Workable & Greenhouse)
  • International employer branding to top talent around the world
  • Job descriptions can include knockout (screening) questions for candidates


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