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We established EconomistJobs in 2002 as the first on-line recruitment operation to specialise entirely on the job market for professional Economists.  We recognised at the time that there was a significant shortage of qualified people to fill employers’ requirements, a situation that hasn’t eased in the ensuing years.

Setting our focus on the UK jobs market, we established, adding the domain in 2010 when it became available.

Because of our focus we carry the largest number of Economist jobs in the UK, making us the first choice for both employers and candidates.

We work with a large number of high-profile international companies, most of whom have used us as their recruitment partner for attracting Economists for several years.  In fact, over 70% of our advertisers have used us before, proving that they achieved the results they were hoping for.

Information to prices: Standard Job Listings: £445 Post your full listing on EconomistJobs and reach 40,000 site visitors for 30 days. Your logo appears within your job advertisement. All jobs are featured in the weekly email alert sent to 20,000+ subscribers Featured Job Listings: £595 Same benefits as the Standard listing, plus your job posting is positioned at the top of the homepage, above Standard listings which move down the pages as new jobs are added. Your logo is also displayed on the homepage alongside other.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion is a popular job board for the economic sector in the UK

  • The job board is well laid out and clear to use as both a employer and a job seeker
  • There is a featured and latest job offers section on the homepage
  • A blog is also attached to the site which contains interesting articles and advice posts to help with using the job board
  • It is not possible to do a general search and view all jobs, you have to select either the area or the job sector which is really frustrating if you just want to view all job offers on one page
  • You cannot sign up to the site to apply for jobs you will be redirected to a different page.

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