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Site's statement network is the leading job site in Latin America. It is the most visited job site in Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica, and the second in Mexico, Chile and Argentina. is also present in Bolivia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.
Currently, the network of has 280 million page views and more than 36 million monthly visitors. was created 15 years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland, where it has been based for many years.The web offers businesses advanced tools for managing the selection process and facilitates professionals access to new job opportunities .

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Founded in 1999, Computrabajo comes from Edimbourg in Scottland, but was later bought by Red Arbor after 2013, and it is one of the most popular job boards in the Latin American region. In Peru, it is the 20th most visited website (with 6.87 million visits per month). They update their social media for their 89 083 Facebook followers but their Twitter page is irrelevant. Much like Elempleo, they create cute videos with tips, but they only have a few right now. They offer a wide range of jobs, and courses for those who want to improve their chances of having the career they want.

Design: The backdrop is appealing, they feature some big companies on the homepage and the figures prove their professionalism as well as their success. You can choose to use the search engine (keywords and location) or look up jobs from a list of categories at the bottom of the page. There are many filters (the publication date, the salary, the type of contract, the type of hours, handicap friendly, the category, the region, the city) and the number of openings in brackets. Furthermore, you can sort the job offers by relevance, by date or by the salary. Each one displays the job title, the company name, a rating (if the company has one), the location, a logo and the publication date. The company pages are attractive and customized, and the job offers are rather standardized (including a description and requirements, an “about the company” section, ratings, the salary compared to other companies and information about the interview process). Similar jobs are listed below each job offer.

The job board objective: Computrabajo helps Peruvians find jobs and courses to ensure they end up in the right profession.

Recruiter observations: You need to write to the website to create an account. Later, if they cannot check your information, they do not validate your account.

Jobseeker observations: To create an account, you need to have a desired profession. They ask you for your marital status, nationality, desired salary and whether you are willing to relocate (among other things) and you cannot apply to job offers until all the information has been filled out. On the dashboard, they recommend courses and jobs. You can look up companies (with the top rated ones at the top of the list).

The job offers: Job offers can be urgent or recommended. There are currently 30 358 job offers on the website. According to the website, 7 000 job offers are actually a month old at least (not to mention that some are not accounted for). Sales is by far the most popular category, followed by customer service, transport and telemarketing.

Reactivity: They were unhelpful, and verging on rude.

Special features: Job offer ratings; company verification stamps; the blog; job alerts.

Verdict: Despite the trouble you might face when creating an account, Computrabajo is ultimately easier to use than some of the other Latin American job boards, and more reliable. Good visibility and clear information are obviously essential when posting an advert, and this job board can offer you both.

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