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MyExpatJob: the specialized jobboard for expatriates and international profiles. 

If you want to work abroad or go back to your home country and find a job or find a job that enhances your international profile?

Then this is the right job board for you. No matter where you come from and where you want to go, the key is to be prepared and motivated for new adventures !

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Before there was MyExpatJob, there was HRExpa, for recruitment, founded by Jorge Prieto Martin in 2011. He speaks English, Spanish and French (and lives in Paris) which explains the language options. Three years later, MyExpatJob was created so that expats could find work overseas. On MyExpatJob, it’s nice that they’ve gone to the trouble of translating every page, but it sometimes looks like a Google translation. The team is active on social media, with 274 followers on Linkedin, 8 200 on Twitter and another 4 562 on Facebook. The website provides clear information about the team (and photos), which is always appreciated. However, in the “About” section, the link to HRExpat does not work, nor does the one to their partner school, ESIT or the one to the International Mobility Network. The traffic is unknown.

Design: The backdrop behind the search engine (keywords, country, and category) is the sky. MyExpatJob is about more than just job offers, which is why some new offers are on the homepage, but the articles, the Twitter feed, the IMN (International Mobility Network), companies and partner websites take up most of the space. It’s a community, complete with a blog and CV tips, according to MyExpatJob. It’s easy to use and the job offers appear in a list or a grid (depending on your preferences) and you can filter them (the location, the country, the job category, the job type, the languages, the level of education and the level of experience). Each job offer indicates the job title, the publication date, the location, the type of contract, the company name and logo. If you would prefer to browse the companies, you can thanks to the company listing in alphabetical order (including the number of job offers for each company).

The job board objective: MyExpatJob wants to make it easier for expats to find work and for recruiters to hire foreigners.

Recruiter observations: As a recruiter, posting is free at the beginning. You can also browse candidate names (some also include photos) but you cannot see the entire profile. With the name, it is potentially possible to find the members on Linkedin though. You can even filter the CVs by category, location, desired job location, home country, type of contract, the education level, the experience level and the spoken languages. Recruiters select an expiry date for the post and all you need is approval from the team for your advert to go live.

Jobseeker observations: To apply to job offers, you need an account. There are only a few things to fill out and you’re done.

The job offers: There are currently 132 job offers on MyExpatJob. Most of the job offers are no older than 2 months, but there are a few that are still on the website from last year. Spain has the most job offers. Only one company is hiring in Australia, only three in France and none are in the UK.

Reactivity: --

Special features: The image of a businessman with a lizard head; four Youtube videos; the blog (no updates in English since last year); the list of useful website; the number of views on the job offers; following companies; the inspirational quotes.

Verdict: MyExpatJob has many appealing features, but we’ll need to wait for the job offers to build up because we really see what they can do.  It would be a good idea to fix the malfunctioning links. The team shares some interesting articles on Twitter.

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Big french medias (Les Echos, L'Express) start to speak about us.

Presence on social networks such as Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin

Publiposting via jobi-joba, indeed, option-carrière, neuvoo

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Partnerships with Jobijoba, Option Carrière, Indeed, Neuvoo...



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Stéphanie Becker  - Jobseeker  - 1 review
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Stéphanie Becker comment :

Super nouveau JobBoard, simple d'utilisation, sans artifices (pubs) et des prix pour les recruteurs très intéressants par rapport à la concurrence.
Rated on 22-04-2015

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