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inploi is a comprehensive online marketplace/platform that touches every stage of the employment/recruitment lifecycle. Via their web platform or mobile app job seekers can discover opportunities and develop their careers, whilst employers are empowered to efficiently build great teams and develop their brands.

Launched in 2016, inploi is a cutting-edge recruitment/HR technology platform that connects people looking for work in hospitality with the UK's best hospitality employers for short-term assignments, part-time roles or full-time jobs. the inploi platform enables candidates to discover job opportunities and receive tailored job recommendations.

Candidates apply with their inploi profile and connect directly with employers. Finding the right job or member of staff has never been easier!


Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Inploi is a specialist job board in the UK

  • It focuses on advertising jobs within the hospitality industry, specifically in London
  • The job board was launched in 2016 so the design and appearance of the site is fresh and modern
  • There is no clear indication of how recent jobs are or how long they have been on the site, so we can’t qualify how often the site is updated and how relevant the adverts still are
  • Many of the jobs require no specific prior experience so it could be helpful for entry level employees
  • You can search by keyword or specific company but not by location or any other filters (although since all the jobs are based in London perhaps a location filter is less important)

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

>Vertical and geographic focus. The hospitality sector is made up of large, transient workforces, and their high levels of staff turnover exacerbate the inefficiencies of existing solutions. In the UK 3 million people work in hospitality, with very high levels of labour turnover.

>Data-driven performance marketing. inploi have tested various channels and scaled into those that offer the best CPA+quality mix.

>SEO. inploi have done a lot of work on SEO, optimising URL structures, content etc to build an organic growth engine.

Latest innovations

inploi is a comprehensive online platform that touches every stage of the employment/recruitment lifecycle.

The way people interact with technology, access information and discover job opportunities has changed. The online job search/recruitment experience has not. The market is a wildly disparate minefield of jobs boards, aggregators, and agencies dominated by models that were developed in the 90s/00's (and frequently with technology to match). The UX is poor.  People still use these products or resort to sticking a piece of paper advertising open vacancies in their shopfronts.

inploi brings the entire process into the 21st century, with a beautifully designed, easy to use cross-platform service.

Key features:

>Profiles, not CVs. inploi's dynamic online profiles are downloadable, shareable, and searchable.

>Simplified hiring. Employers list jobs in seconds and screen applicants with the help of intelligent candidate scoring. They connect with successful applicants to chat, schedule interviews, and conduct voice and video interviews. ATS integration is coming soon.

>A connected marketplace. Inter-user connections, communications and peer-to-peer endorsements strengthen the network. Active recruitment by employers with smart skills/experience based search allows them to search for hires.

>An employer branding platform. Company pages with rich media give employers an opportunity to market themselves, their work environment, and their job opportunities. Employers develop communities of followers who receive their updates and job notifications. Help candidates to learn more about work environments/culture.


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ClickIQ, Joblift, JobRapido

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Ben Robinson  - Jobseeker  - 1 review
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Ben Robinson comment :

This app/website is so great. An innovative take on the 'job board' model. inploi has great jobs with good employers. I will definitely use again. Profiles are very great also - like LinkedIn.
Rated on 04-12-2017

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