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jobvector is the award-winning, specialised online jobboard for engineers, physicians, and scientists and has lots of jobs in different professions. 

For more than 16 years, both graduates and industry professionals with many years of professional experience have been finding specialised positions with their employer of choice. In addition, jobvector organises the nationwide, industry-specific jobvector career days and publishes the target group specific career guide Karrieretrends.

jobvector is not only a name, but it reflects our mission: Helping scientists, physicians and engineers to explore their interest and to pursue their professional endeavours.



Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Founded in 1999 by Eva Birkmann and Tom Wiegand, JobVector (or Capsid) is a specialised job board for scientists, physicians, IT specialists and engineers. The website is available in English and German and there is a German, Austrian and Swiss version. The two sites share their social media and have a total of 154 followers on LinkedIn, 4 798 on Facebook, 559 on Twitter and 214 on Instagram. If you still aren’t convinced that JobVector is a popular website, just look at the visibility: 346 160 visits are recorded every month and the numbers remain steady over the last few months. Most of the visits are from Germany but Croatia and the United States are also among the top countries visiting the site.

 Design: The applicant page is yellow, the employer page is blue. On the homepage, you can use the search engine, which includes the keywords, the location and then some main sectors (sciences, medicine, IT, engineering) with subsections. There are also some advanced search options (qualification, experience, contract, career level, subject, work scope), which become the filters on the left-hand side (with the number of job offers per category in brackets). If you aren’t sure what to look for, you can browse the latest offers or the top companies. In the job listing, job offers display a logo, the job title, the company name, the location, the publication date and an icon for the category. If the company is participating in the career day, that too can be seen in the list. There are company pages, most of which include a logo and a brief description.

The job board objective: JobVector or Capsid (which refers to the protein shell of a virus) is clearly designed for science professionals.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters need to fill out some information about themselves and the company to create an account. It’s possible to order the job adverts through the website.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account but you don’t need one to apply to job offers. When you apply, the site provides an optional cover letter for you.

The job offers: There are 1 891 job offers on the site at the moment. Most of the offers are for specialist positions and the category with the most offers is Natural Science.

Reactivity: --

Special features: Chat support; the events (organised by JobVector, you can watch the video of a past event); the icons; job alerts.

Verdict: JobVector targets a very specific type of candidate so it’s not for everyone. If you would like to explore everything the job board has to offer, it could definitely be a good idea to attend their career day events.  A very professional website for very professional people.

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Marketing activities

We use the whole marketing portfolio:

  • Target group specific online marketing
    Our focus group specific online marketing (SEO, SEA and social media) increases the reach of your job postings.
  • Partnerships with more than 75 associations, international trade fairs and media
  • University marketing 
    Direct contact with over 80% of all professional schools and universities
  • Recruitment adverts at more than 45 recruitment events
  • Email marketing


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Media Partners

Benefit from our sector-related partner network, which brings your advertisements directly to the correct target group!

Media partners (print & online): Staufenbiel, Technology Review, transkript , European Biotechnology News, Process,, Laborpraxis, ...
Associations and Technology-Cluster: VDI, VDE, DGM, Dechema, Spectaris, Medecon, VDA...

Trade Fairs and Career Events: Analytica, Achema, Biotechnica, Car connects, Hannovermesse, ScieCon, MedTech Pharma, W3+ Fair...

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