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HELPIGO Presentation

Site's statement

Helpigo is the first platform dedicated to “blue collar” candidates. It has been build up for professionals looking for workers in the short or long term. The targeted markets are the ones where employment can be considered volatile ( Retail, Hospitality, construction, logistics, cleaning, sports industry). Concretely Helpigo simplifies contact between employers and field workers, who can expose their profiles, their skills and their availability timetable in only a few clicks.

Completely different from classical procedures, which are based of job offers, the concept distinguishes itself by the easy to use (one of Helpigo’s values) and fast responding platform.

On top of this, the filters, thoroughly thought-out and elaborated by experts in each sector, enhance the power of the system.

Lastly, there are no invasive or constraining barriers since Helpigo does not charge the contractual relationship, by similarity with Linkedin.


  1. The manager searches through the database and selects all workers that are compatible with his timetable.
  2. He then refines his search with the candidate’s status, his mobility options and his skills.
  3. The site directly answers the following question: “Who are the qualified candidates, available in my area at any given time?” There is no need to wait for CV’s. The manager can then activate and stimulate the candidates by sending them a grouped text message: a must have for detecting motivated candidates, which have just been informed of interest in their profile. 60 seconds separates them from a new job.




Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Helpigo is a French job board for the service sector industry, with candidates for hospitality and retail notably

  • The website has a clean and attractive modern homepage. It is eye-catching and very easy to use due to its comprehensive layout
  • The site is available not only in French but also in English and Dutch, which is fantastic for international recruitment needs
  • On the home page you can see the most recent published jobs as well as recently added employers which is very helpful
  • Annoyingly, to properly conduct a search on the website you have to sign up for a free jobseeker profile or a paying recruiter profile

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Please have a look to our television advertisement- Clips are available on Youtube :




Latest innovations

Quick Overview of the full potential of the candidates -

Stimulation of the candidates living in the neightbooroud -

Be alerted when a talent matching your expectations subscribe on the website -

Automatching system between candidates and requests


Aggregators &
Media Partners

RTL Group base in Belgium is one of our majors partners. We also built some strong partneships with Acerta, Securex, Partena, Manpower, Synergie, Accent, ...

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