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Headhunter Kyrgyzstan Presentation

Site's statement is a part of the Headhunter Group, which operates successfully across 10 countries. 

Extend the reach of your job ad – the Headhunter Group brings together the best talents across the country onto a major local and international single platform, opening out your pool of talent.

Use some of the best recruitment technology in the region – uses the same innovative job board platform as, the leading job board in Russia.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: HeadHunter was founded by Mikhail Frolkin and Yuri Virovets in 2000 in Russia. HeadHunter made its first appearance in Kyrgyzstan in 2006. Originally, the site was for recruiters looking for candidates, before coming a multipurpose job board. The Kyrgystan version of the site doesn’t have its own social media so you will need to rely on the Russian pages (see the Russian HeadHunter). In Kyrgyzstan, HeadHunter’s visibility isn’t known exactly, but it is among the top 235 website visited in the country. Unfortunately, the site is only partially translated into English.

Design: When you first open the site, it can be a bit confusing to have the login form featured more than the search engine (keywords in CVs, job offers or company names). You can post a CV or a job offer directly from the homepage, or check out the featured jobs and companies (the number of offers are in brackets). The rest of the page is full of lists: articles, different sectors, different cities and different job titles. Once in the job listing, the filters include the region, the salary, the industry, the company branch, the work experience, the employment type, the work schedule and any exclusions (including disability friendly jobs). Without even opening the offers, you can show the contact details of those that have some. The salary is clearly indicated in the listing if the recruiter has provided a range. To sort the offers, you have the date, the salary and the relevance. The job offers are just standard posts, which include a logo. Similar job offers appear under an open one. As for the company pages, there is a description of the company and a logo, but no additional branding. In fact, most of the descriptions are quite brief.

The job board objective: HeadHunter has brought the simplicity of job searching to Kyrgyzstan.

Recruiter observations: To register as a recruiter, you need to select your country from a list. Through the recruiter account, you can access a chat window, but everything is in Russian (and not translated by Google). You need a phone number to create an account. To publish and advert, you must contact the team.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account.

The job offers: There are 2 645 vacancies and 51 207 resumes on the site. IT, sales and marketing are the most popular industries.

Reactivity: If you ask them to call you back, you can select a time (which might be right way or the next day).

Special features: The map; the news (nothing new May); the articles (nothing new since July); the career advice test (at a cost); the feedback options; job alerts; the CV views.

Verdict: In Kygyzstan, it’s not quite as easy to access the internet as it is in, say, Russia. They have done a good job setting up HeadHunter in the country all the same and the site is easy to use. If you are recruiting or looking for work, make HeadHunter Kyrgyzstan one of your go-to job boards.

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