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  • Best job board in Costa Rica! 

  • Gigajob Costa Rica para Solicitantes de empleo

    Utilizar Gigajob para buscar ofertas de trabajo en su profesión y/o en una localización específica. Puede crear alertas de correo electrónico para estar informado sobre nuevas ofertas de trabajo que coincidan con sus criterios de búsqueda de empleo específico cuando haya nuevas vacantes en línea. Subir su CV para ponerse en contacto con las empresas y ser encontrado por los empleadores.
  • Gigajob Costa Rica para empleadores

    A diferencia de muchos otros sitios de trabajo, puede utilizar Gigajob de manera completamente gratuita. Publicar sus ofertas de empleo o buscar a través de nuestra base de datos de CV para encontrar a candidatos interesantes que coincidan con lo que está buscando. También puede crear alertas de correo electrónico para estar informado sobre CVs que coincidan con sus anuncios de trabajo. 


Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Netzmarkt, a software development company, popped up Germany in the 90s and 10 years later in 2005, they created Gigajob. What makes Gigajob amazing is its free access to CVs, job offers and job posting. The team that runs Netzmarkt is exactly the same as the one running every Gigajob generalist job board worldwide (the same photos are on both websites). The team is made up of a diverse mix of culturally different people, which probably explains their international success. They have 642 followers on Twitter and 7 950 on Facebook for all their websites (which is very low). Despite being an interesting job board, their biggest flaw is probably not appealing to the jobseeker as much as the recruiter. It is the 37 180th most active website worldwide (which is pretty good!) and it is 378th on the list of the most visited job boards. However, the activity is spread out over a number of countries and can be pretty low in some of them.

Design: Gigajob probably won’t be winning any beauty pageants anytime soon, but the website is easy to use. The logo looks like a person trying to touch its feet, but the creativity stops there. There are no adverts, the overall colour is grey and the only branding is the logo next to the job offers. Since they have two distinct audiences, they have two panels at the top of the page: “find a job”/”find a CV” and “Post a job”/post a CV”. Easy! When it comes to browsing the job offers, you have a search engine (keywords and location), and some suggested “filters” (professions, categories, regions).

The job board objective: Gigajob doesn’t bother with showy images and special features. You want a job? Here are job offers. You want a CV? Here are CVs.

Recruiter observations: It’s very easy to create an account (and you don’t need to include a photo or the company name if you don’t want to) and you can use the same one for all the different Gigajob websites. You can only post one advert per offer but you can advertise for many positions at once. The advert is up in minutes! If you want to contact a jobseeker, you need to have an advert on the website because they then send your advert to the candidate who can choose to apply or not. When looking through the CVs, you have “popular categories” and “popular professions” to help you look. Unfortunately, I could not retrieve the contact information from the applications.

Jobseeker observations: It’s very easy to create an account. Some of the information can remain private (name, age and gender) and it is very easy to apply to job offers (you just send you profile to the company).

The job offers: There are currently 8 800 job offers, which is about 3 000 more than two years ago. However, there are only 1 437 CVs. Clearly, Gigajob needs to work on attracting Costa Rican jobseekers to their website. The popular professions are assistant, receptionist, administrative worker and customer service worker.

Reactivity: There is no need to contact the team for free advertising. You can, however, write to them through the “About” section.

Special features: Free job posting.

Verdict: Gigajob offers free and fast job posting. You probably shouldn’t rely solely on their services, but if you are advertising, you should definitely consider putting a job offer on their website.

Costa Rica recruitment market status

With high level of education here it is hard for a foreigner to find a job for themselves unless they are a specialist in a particular field. Foreigners are more likely to find jobs for teaching English as well. With industries spreading across the globe there is huge need for employees who have the ability and potential to travel as the job profiles often involve employees travelling from the home country to other places to keep company policy across the world. 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Gigajob helps people to find a job or new employees for free, which is a pretty outstanding philosophy. There are hardly any job portals in the world which give employers the possibility to post their job offers totally for free.


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