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Site's statement

CV Keskus is the most popular job portal in Estonia. CV Keskus provides the biggest jobseekers’ database and the greatest number visitors and job ads in Estonia! With always friendly and high-quality customer service, CV Keskus has the whole range of recruitment - from finding CV`s from the database to "headhunting". CV Keskus is the indispensable partner for companies needing to invest in personnel development with maximum efficiency. More than 81% of estonian TOP 100 companies are partner of CV Keskus. The biggest jobseekers’ database and the greatest number of job vacancies are integrated at CV Keskus - most popular job portal in Estonia!

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

CV Keskus is one of the leading job board in Estonia and works very well for all kind of profiles.

  • The website is also translated into 3 languages; Estonian, Russian and English making it a lot easier for foreigners.
  • Searching for jobs is simple as you can limit your search using a range of criteria
  • Or you can do a quick search according to category, location or featured jobs
  • The homepage is interactive and it has a poll
  • Registering is not so simple as you cannot link other accounts to your account
  • There is also help and advice for job seekers 


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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

CV Keskus is the most popular job portal in Estonia, that is visited 60% more than any other job board in Estonia. We are the 1st choice of job seekers & Employers and are daily trying to improve the usability of our site.

Latest innovations

Brand new job search engine makes job seeking as easy as possible & job ad publishing can be done within 5 minutes.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Our media partners are Estonian most visited portals, business journals and  newspapers. 

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Margot Montgomery  - Jobseeker  - 23 reviews
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Rated on 24-06-2016

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