Salary Info and Benefits on Job Boards in Poland4 min read

Ali Neill / January 22, 2019
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Caption: Salary Info and Benefits on Job Boards in Poland4 min read

In November, we had a look at the different types of salary checkers on French job boards and how they work. Today, we’ll be having a look at the salary checkers and the feedback options on the Polish job boards.

Where to go for salary information

At the Jobboard Finder, there are eleven job boards specifically for Poland. Another 20 or so job boards can also be used to recruit or look for work in the country. Six of the sites gather information about salaries, which they display in different ways on their job boards.

  • NoFluffJobs. As the only IT job board with a compulsory salary indicator in Poland, NoFluffJobs prides itself on providing jobseekers with the information that interests them most. Every recruiter that uses this site must provide a salary and they can also include a large range of benefits to win candidates over. For the users that want to know more about the salaries in Poland in the IT field, NoFluffJobs writes a rapport on the subject each year. You can download it from the website. Find out more about the site by reading its Jobboard Finder profile.
  • GoldenLine. GoldenLine and GrazetaPraca work together to get your job adverts noticed. They both belong to a big media group and  they both provide salary information for their users. Since the job board doesn’t focus on just the salary, the information is a bit vaguer than what you might find elsewhere. A kind of Polish Linkedin, GoldenLine lets candidates and employees share information about companies, which includes a star rating for the salary. Their profile has more details about what makes GoldenLine so great.
  • Pracuj. It’s no wonder Pracuj is the leading job board in Poland when you consider all the great features it has. Among them, we have the salary calculator and contract information to help jobseekers choose the right one. If you type in a salary, the site can break it down into several parts and even explain what the employer has to pay. Pracuj also lets you request a special report of your specific situation. One of the question is, “what salary would make you leave your current job?” Pracuj knows how to get people thinking about a career change.
  • At the top of the page, you can click on “salary calculator, which brings up a page full on information on contracts. It even tells you which sums are researched the most. From there, you can type your own sum (in net or gross pay) at the top of the page to see the break down. Depending on the contract, the insurance payouts are completely different. The yearly work guide is another interesting feature on

Where to go for feedback

Knowing your salary and understanding your contract is one thing, but sometimes jobseekers need more than just data to make up their mind about a new career opportunity. That’s why there are also websites focusing on feedback. There are a handful of sites to check out before accepting a job in a new company. Oh, and employers, keep an eye on these sites too, because they could make or break your employer brand.

  • GoldenLine. As far as feedback is concerned, GoldenLine is a fountain of information. Company profiles receive five star ratings: salary, development opportunities, benefits, people and atmosphere. Employees are also encouraged to share their experience and opinion, and they can even explain how hiring process works. That way, new applicants know just what to expect from recruiters. If you want to request more information, you can! All you have to do is reply to a review.
  • Grazta Praca. As a GoldenLine partner, Grazta Praca tries to do its bit. Some employers have the “recommended” stamp of approval (which most likely comes from the feedback on GoldenLine).
  • Olx. A huge name is the world of classifieds; Olx is the leading classifieds job board in Poland, but also in Brazil, India and many other culturally different countries! On this site, you can review and see reviews about the employer. If you deal with a user, you can let others know about your experience. As with many websites like this one, some of the features weren’t really intended for a job search, but rather for a product search. Regardless, it’s still handy.
  • Absolvent. Much like GoldenLine, Absolvent attributes star ratings to each company. This job board is for graduates though, so the job offers are a bit more limited. However, the rating break down and the feedback is actually more detailed! Each company has a rating out of five for the benefits, the atmosphere the career developments, the salary and the work/home life balance. They also have extra information about the company represented by icons, including private healthcare, a gym pass, flexible working hours, access to company equipment, courses and conferences, etc.

There you have it! if you’re offered a job in Poland, you’ll be able to negotiate your salary and your contract like a pro! For all the recruiters, we also have an article on how to recruit in Poland, but it’s definitely worth making a good impression through these website.

Author: Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website’s social media pages.

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