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Seven easy steps to prepare for your Skype interview

It is not surprising Skype interviews are becoming more and more mainstream as they represent a number of advantages both for candidates and recruiters. Potential candidates do not need to travel or pay for any tickets and they can literally be interviewed from a desk in their home. On the other hand, Skype represents a cost-effective solution for recruitment campaigns. Employers save time and money and can even record interviews for other co-workers to watch. In addition, documents and files can be exchanged in real time. Here are seven easy steps to prepare for your Skype interview

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How to recruit international students?

We live in a more and more open world. Even with the current context, the diplomatic tensions or the protectionist politics, we still live in a multicultural context in which people still want to discover other lifestyles, other cultures, at any age and this earlier than before. Every year, thousands of students apply to go abroad, some of them for a short amount of time, or others forever. Whether it be with an exchange program, like Erasmus in Europe, or placement year or simply to gain a first experience in the professional environment, these expatriates don’t only want to discover a country like the common tourist. Sometimes, they want to understand an entire different culture, to discover other mentalities, but also being confronted with the bad sides of countries sometimes defined as a paradise, where everything is possible. flag tree
In this blog post, we will first see how colleges and big privet schools recruit their international students. Then we will see why these students with international experience are good first for universities but also for companies. And finally we will give you a kind of ranking of the countries that attract international students the most, and the best job boards to recruit students and international workers.

Recruitment of international students in higher education

Going abroad sometimes help you to stop taking things for granted. It allows you to detach yourself from your motherland and from the country that welcomes you. Of course it depends on the country you have decided to leave and the one that you will discover. Every school from every country of the world has different ways of recruiting you. In Europe, thanks to the Erasmus program, it has become easy to go abroad to study. Also, there are many programs of mobility for workers and for people that work for a company that has relocated its activity. But let’s go back to students and how schools decide to give them a chance to leave.

Many privet schools and public colleges have decided to make school years and internships abroad mandatory, for some degrees that have a very international orientation. It is made to counterbalance the disparities of language level. These schools often sign partnerships with foreign ones to exchange students. It allows these schools to differ from the others, and this will help the student to differ from the other candidates after, when he or she looks for a students recruitment

The recruitment process is usually the same in all schools. You have some application letters to write, English test such as the TOEFL, TOEIC or other language tests, depending on the country. In some privet schools, you also have competitive exams, and an access to a network of schools or companies to get an internship. Now, colleges in general use social media marketing for the recruitment of international students. They send messages to attract international students and after the exchange year, they try to convert international students into kinds of brand ambassadors. And this has become quite efficient and successful.

Why are international students interesting for both universities and companies?

Going abroad for a year is a huge life experience. It is more than enriching for your personal and professional life. It allows the person to develop a remarkable adaptability, but also the capability to discuss, to exchange, to sell, to work with international people or teams, in a multicultural context. If you are to work in a multinational business, you will have the ability to be aware of one country’s traditions, therefore to adapt to the client. international people

This quotation from a French business school is a good summary of the purpose of hiring a former international student: “Opening to the international is capital for managers that will have to work in international environments, to open negotiations with foreign partners or to develop activities beyond their national border.”

Top 10 countries welcoming international students the most

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States
  3. Germany
  4. Spain
  5. China
  6. Canada
  7. Australia
  8. Ireland
  9. Netherlands
  10. India

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Jobboard Finder’s top Students and Graduates job boards:

For both employers and job seekers, Jobboard Finder is the first decision-making tool for recruitment campaigns and job searches. By gathering tools and services that recruiters can use to search and compare employment websites from all over the world to find the best job search sites, it really is the best solution for recruitment needs. Today recruiters can also purchase job advertisements for the media they have selected and manage their postings directly from our unique platform. Then they can rate and review the job boards they have used in the past for our community of professionals to see.

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Interview with Katharina Neumann from StudentJob International

We had to pleasure of interviewing Katharina Neumann, who has started in January 2017 a training semester as a Junior Online Marketer at Student Job International . She is responsible for the German StudentJob.

Can you tell us more about your job board and its current positioning in the international job board market?

StudentJob International, part of YoungCapital, is an e-recruitment network which is specialized in the staffing and sourcing of young talent by providing a network where students can easily access vacancies and get in touch with local and international companies.Student Job Logo

After kicking off in the Netherlands, StudentJob has been launched in 2010 and is now active in 8 European countries. StudentJob successfully operates in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden and is the largest European job board for students, graduates and young professionals, which represents our target group. Furthermore, we service clients across all sectors but have a dominant position within the Services Industry. Our most popular positions include administration, marketing, customer contact and retail, where our target group has proven to add value in terms of flexibility, customer satisfaction and increase in sales revenues.

The last few years StudentJob International received numerous international awards in the field of leadership, innovation & entrepreneurship. From 2011 to 2013, Deloitte awarded us with the title of  ‘Best Managed Company’. In the same years, we were also awarded the National ‘Flex Specialist’ title for having the highest service level in the student staffing & recruitment industry in the Netherlands, our home base. In 2015, we became National Public Champion at the European Business Awards 2015.

What are the specific features that make your job board different from your competitors?

The first job experiences are the most important and may have the power to pave the entire professional path for a lifetime. Therefore, it is of high importance to find the right jobs which not only help to make a living but also let students gain professional experience and apply the theories and tools learnt at university.

StudentJob provides a platform which is specialized on the needs and wants of students, graduates and young-professionals. Our network of 4.6 million young and ambitious talents is the largest in Europe. With our passion for and expertise in E-Recruitment, we will always match the best candidates with the perfect vacancy and company. Students can easily register for free and search a large database of vacancies with a tailored search. StudentJob offers various job types such as student jobs, summer jobs, part-time jobs, internships and traineeship/ starter functions.

As application processes can be very stressful and nerve-wrecking, we do our best to make it as smooth as possible. StudentJob offers a simple way to get into touch with local and international companies, whether to earn money besides the studies or to gain valuable work experience. Students can apply directly to interesting jobs and be kept up-to-date by a vacancy alert tailored to their search criteria. Within our system, it is possible to check the application status and send reminder emails to the companies if an applicant has not received an answer within a week.

But what is in for the companies? Our trusted companies get direct access to young talents by easily placing and editing vacancies at any time, searching candidate databases and receiving qualitative applications within 24 hours after placement.

StudentJob is simple, fast and effective. The new generation at work.

New Generation at work image

What can you say about the current traffic on your website? What countries are visiting more often?

As StudentJob is active with an own website in 8 European countries, the websites naturally receive the highest percentage of traffic from their own target market. However as students are more mobile and striving for international careers, looking for a job abroad has become quite normal. Therefore, visits from neighbor-countries or even other continents belong to our daily traffic. As for Germany, we also receive visits from Austria due to the language proximity, but also France, the UK and even the USA make up a part of the pie.

One of our currently most promising markets is Spain, as we have seen a significant increase in popularity with over a million page views only in the last month.

How do you plan to develop your job board within the next few years? Any new projects?

As we are currently seeing the trend of our customers being more and more mobile and online, we always try to keep up with the latest digital trends in order to satisfy our target group. This includes for example the optimization and further development of the website itself but also the mobile applications so that jobs can basically be found in your pocket.

Another important point for the future is to ensure a stable engagement and conversations with our target group. We are therefore striving to publish interesting, helpful and targeted content on our website as well as our blog and to take on more cooperation with new partners as well as nursing existing ones. This will also help to diversify the existing job offer in order to become more attractive to students, graduates and young professionals which are actively searching for their perfect position.

What are the main challenges you will be facing in the coming years?

As our globalized world is very fast moving, our goal of keeping up with the latest digital trends can also be seen as a challenge. We have to make sure that trends which are relevant for us and our target group will be recognized early enough in order to be implemented and adapted to our working basis.

Furthermore, job markets have matured and major economic crisis are not foreseeable in the near future which is why more people are in employment and less are actively looking for a job. Getting the same amount of traffic and conversions, within times of high competition and less active search is a challenge Student Job wants to address in the upcoming years.

For us, all challenges hold new opportunities, which generate new ways to improve our performance and give our customers a unique experience, so as to match young talents with the perfect employer.

About Katharina Neumann:

Katharina Pic

  • Third year undergraduate Bachelor student enrolled in Bachelor program International Business at HTW Dresden – University of Applied Sciences in Dresden, Germany
  • Focus on marketing, public relations, management and strategy
  • One year function as student assistant in the field of press and public relations for HTW Dresden – University of Applied Sciences
  • Exchange semester at NEOMA Business School, Campus Rouen, France

College Recruiter – helping students & grads find the perfect career!

Last week, we had the pleasure of chatting to College Recruiter’s President and Founder, Steven Rothberg, about their place in the US market, the setbacks from the 2008 Great Recession and their future plans for expansion.

Can you tell us more about your job board and its current positioning in the international job board market?

College Recruiter believes that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career.

Our customers are primarily Fortune 1,000 companies and U.S. federal government agencies. At any given time, tens of thousands of employers are advertising about 300,000 internships and entry-level jobs on our job search site site. On an annual basis, our site is used by about three million students and recent graduates from all one-, two-, and four-year colleges and universities in the U.S.

Due to requests from some of our larger customers, we recently enabled the posting and searching of jobs outside of the U.S. The number of those postings and job seekers reading and applying to them is a fairly small percentage of our overall traffic, but it is growing quickly and part of our long-term growth strategy.


What are the specific features that make your job board different from your competitors?

A key differentiator between College Recruiter and our direct competitors is that we’re really, really good at helping employers who need to hire dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of students and recent graduates. Studies from eQuest and Appcast show that employers are fortunate to hire one candidate per job posting regardless of the type of job, employer, location, or job board. But with our new JobsThatScale product, we’re able to listen to the hiring needs of the employer, figure out how many candidates we need to send to their career site to satisfy their hiring need, and then deliver that traffic.

What can you say about the current traffic on your website? What countries are visiting more often?

On an annual basis, our site is used by about three million students and recent graduates from all one-, two-, and four-year colleges and universities in the U.S.

How do you plan to develop your job board within the next few years? Any new projects?

Our primary growth opportunity is JobsThatScale, a solution that allows us to deliver to employers the number of candidates they need to fulfill their hiring goals whether they need dozens, hundreds, or thousands of new employees in one or multiple locations. Until now, employers with volume hiring needs have needed to buy candidate traffic from big, general, aggregators like Indeed, Jobs2careers, and others. Those sites typically perform quite well but are unable to deliver a highly targeted audience because they’re general rather than niche sites. With JobsThatScale, we can deliver the quantity of the aggregators but with the quality reserved to niche sites.

College recr

What are the main challenges you will be facing in the coming years?

We’ve survived and thrived through many challenging times since I founded this business in 1991 and launch of in 1996. We’ve seen red hot labor markets and the 2008-09 Great Recession. We’ve seen direct competitors with lots of money but foolish business plans come and go, and we’ve seen direct competitors with no money but great business plans come and go. We’ve seen the dominance of Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn. But through it all, we’ve adapted, grown, and improved. We’re well tuned into the external forces that shape our business, present us with opportunities, and create challenges. Yet moving forward I believe that our main challenges are internal: how do we best manage our growth?

We, at Jobboard Finder, are looking forward to seeing how College Recruiter develops over the coming years and we wish them the best of luck in all of their endeavours!

A guide to student recruitment

With more and more students leaving the comfort of university life in search of a profession and finding themselves lost in the real world of recruitment, here at Jobboard Finder, we have created a simple guide for recruiters to understand the benefits of hiring these young novices.

Campus Views and 4 West

Why students?

Fresh from education, students are eager to start the ball rolling in their professional life and make a difference in the work environment. They are willing to fight for different responsibilities and raise expectations in order to gain valuable experience and get noticed for their proactive professionalism.

What are the benefits?

What makes students stand out from every other applicant is their potential for talent development and their drive for success. In the long term they have the ability to be trained in specific areas, guided towards different roles and they offer more flexibility than other job seekers. They are likely to be long term employees and you can invest in their professional development.

Furthermore, the younger generation have a natural ability to adapt to innovative technologies and quickly grasp how to navigate essential work related applications. They are quick to absorb and understand new instructions that might take older employers longer to get to grips with. This would be beneficial to your company as it reduces training costs and time wasted in the learning process which in the long run will improve the efficiency of your employee management.


Where to recruit?

Undoubtedly social media has a crucial role to play in the recruitment process of young people and has even shaped many companies’ recruitment strategies to target specific job seekers. A study carried out by Pew Research Center earlier this year showed that 86% of young job seekers who were in the first 10 years of their careers had used social media in their job search. This number will inevitably rise thanks to the growing popularity of virtual networking tools, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to establish new business connections and relationships.


How to recruit?

It is important to build links with university career centres to expand the number of individuals spreading your company’s image. Regularly attending career fairs and offering expert industry advice is also a good way to attract high numbers of student applications.

Alternatively, here at Jobboard Finder you can find job boards specifically for students around the world by using our search engine to directly choose which e-recruitment media will best fit your needs according to specific criteria. We have also developed a powerful comparison tool enabling users to compare different job boards in terms of online traffic, number of available job listings and prices.

Here are just a few of the international student job boards that you can find on Jobboard Finder: – Russia – France – Italy – China – United States


It is easy to see that hiring a undergraduate or graduate is an extremely wise long-term decision that can lead to a wide range of business advantages. By using Jobboard Finder to find a student specific job board in your area, you can ensure that your job posting will have maximum exposure in your targeted recruitment campaign and that you will be able to attract a high level of interest to your company.

Insight on international student e-recruitment by Young Capital

The landscape of international student recruitment is constantly changing. Some of our partner job boards are specialized in student e-recruitment. This is the case of Young Capital who agreed to share with us their insights on their strategy and on their plans for the future.

1. StudentJob is a part of Young Capital, could you please tell us more about Young Capital and how would you describe its current positioning?

YoungCapital is a specialist for young talents in the recruiting branche. It began in the year 2000 with the Company Studentenwerk and developed to YoungCapital as DACH company including the three subsidiaries YoungCapital Professionals, StudentenWerk and StudentJob.


The company is growing constantly and at the moment we have 300 employees, 25 establishments in the Netherlands, 4 million users in Europe and we are also active in 8 European countries.

YoungCapital specializes in sourcing and finding young talent within Europe.

As an Online Recruitment Agency it is the aim to connect young talents with interesting companies and being the job board where everyone finds an appropriate job, internship or a possibility to write the final thesis at a reputable company.

2. How did you come up with your idea of creating a job board for students and graduates?

We saw there was an opportunity to disrupt the traditional process of looking for a job by bringing companies and talents together. We decided to change the distribution model of the staffing industry and use our online expertise. Online marketing and e-recruitmentare at the heart of our sourcing process. Nowadays it is more common for students to look for a job online rather than offline. The candidate is solely in charge of finding themselves a job rather than relying on a recruitment consultant.


3. YoungCapital is active internationally, how is the international e-recruitment market doing today? Have you noticed any trends?

The market is growing steadily: the economy is recovering and we’re seeing an increase in the amount of vacancies posted on our websites. It’s interesting to see that in some countries looking for a job online has been popular for many years, while in others this market is still very much in development.

Overall we’ve noticed that in a rather traditional market like recruitment, more and more people are looking to apply for jobs online, even on mobile devices. This is why we’ve recently launched an international app and are working hard on improving the mobile version of our websites, which will make it so much easier to apply to a job via your phone!

4. What are some of the major challenges your company will have to face in the coming years? How do you see the future of the market and your company/group?

The industry has drastically changed since we first formed. Now, we have to deal with the growing expectations of candidates and companies alike. People will stay online so it is important to follow the online trends, to optimize our websites for every medium (computer, phone, tablet etc.) and to facilitate the job search as much as possible. The need for qualified employees is higher than ever and we want to provide these employees to our clients, but since these employees are in high demand they’re also more difficult to find. This will create the need for a more creative approach.


5. What are the next steps and projects for StudentJob?

· Expand in other European countries

· Be the market leader in each country

· Develop partnerships with meaningful companies and maintain existing partnerships

· Establish a foothold within the Scandinavian market

· Further increase the amount and diversity of job offers on the websites

· Focus on mobile websites, make it more convenient to apply

CareerBuilder helps high schoolers find their calling

Who does not remember their early struggles with course and career choices right before high school graduation? Deciding what you’re going to do for the rest of your life around the age of 17-18 seems nerve-racking to say the least. Add youth unemployment and student loan debt to the equation and decision-making can quickly become terrifying.

According to a nationwide CareerBuilder study from 2014, 41% of workers wish they had more guidance when choosing their career. Designed for students and their parents, Find Your Calling, CareerBuilder’s latest website, helps discover ideal career and education options based on interests and personalities. Announced on October 1, 2015, the website provides content for a more informed yet critical decision high schoolers often have to make.

Find your calling Home Page

Find Your Calling Home Page

Together with subsidiary Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), CareerBuilder gathered data from over 100 national, state and local employment resources and first showcased the website during a meeting at the White House to help address youth unemployment.

“The skills gap in our country is in large part an ‘information gap’ – many young people are unaware of jobs that are in high-demand, pay well, and are aligned with what they’re passionate about,” explained Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “Find Your Calling is our way to help solve the youth unemployment problem in the U.S. and replace guesswork with eye-opening data needed to choose the right career. The information is presented in a fun, engaging way to empower students to take on 21st century jobs.”

A CareerBuilder nationwide survey from 2015 show that 24% of high school seniors have no idea what career they want to pursue. Among those who do, 53% researched careers online which demonstrates the potential of a website like Find Your Calling.

While data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that workers with no college experience are twice as likely to be unemployed than those with at least a bachelor’s degree, the National Center for Education Statistics reveal 41% of college freshmen from 2007 never completed their degree 6 years later which further supports the importance of an informed choice when it comes to higher education.

Visitors on Find Your Calling start with a quick six question career-personality assessment. Based on their answers, they can find out about careers that match their interests which they can further explore through associated career options. The website provides details about each specific occupation, including average salary and market demand, as well as an overview of the required education, including associated majors and schools that specialize in the field.

Find Your Calling is a free service that can just as much be used by non-American high schoolers confused about their own future or eager to study in the United States, for example.