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Top job boards in Spain

Companies in #Spain have had a long history of working with the SEPE (Spain’s National Employment Agency)to find candidates. However, results from a study published by the reknown Adecco Group in 2017 prove this trend and others are changing, giving way to job boards in Spain.

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Top 5 job boards for recruiting in South America

Today we will be focusing on the best job boards to use if you are looking to recruit in South America; specifically, in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. While these countries have long been overlooked in favour of their more economically prosperous neighbours Argentina, Chile and Brazil, their time in the spotlight may be just around the corner.

Peru is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, with a GDP growth rate of 6.3% in 2012. Equally Colombia has experienced an economic boom in recent decades and Ecuador too has bounced back from its 1999 financial crisis, suggesting the future is bright for these Latin American countries.

It is worth remembering too that Spanish is the second-most spoken native language in the world, so don’t be too hasty to write off these countries despite their relative lack of English speakers compared to European nations. It is definitely worth expanding your recruitment searches this way if possible. With all three of these nations boasting not only enormous reserves of natural resources ranging from petroleum and cotton to bananas and coffee, but also a young, active and increasingly educated workforce, these South American nations are the ones to keep an eye on for your future recruitment needs.


5. Buscojobs

This is a popular job board acting throughout the continent. You can efficiently filter your search by date published, as well as department and area, allowing jobseekers to narrow down their options effectively. The site also offers the possibility to promote your job offer on the home page by featuring it in its top offers. With 650,000 page-views on average per month, this is definitely a beneficial feature to boost your job offer’s visibility.



4. Aptitus

The site is attractive and relatively simple to use, allowing you to search by key words to locate a wide range of vacancies. Over 1500 recruiters are currently choosing this platform to reach out to jobseekers, and the site displays their current recruiters, amongst which are McDonald’s and DirecTV. In order to actually access and apply to the job offers as a jobseeker you need to have created an account. Still, as a well-known and well-organised site, this is a good choice for recruiting in Peru.


3. Bumeran

It is one of the largest job boards in Peru and one of the most visited too, with an average per month of 2.5 million visits over the last 6 months. Not only this but the Bumeran group has job boards in Ecuador and Colombia too, as well as nearly every other country in South America. The interface is comprehensive, attractive and clear, and the site is easy to use and quick. The job offers are updated regularly and come from a wide variety of job sectors, with most jobs coming from the sales and purchasing, and building industries. Bumeran also has a partner site,, which offers an easy-to-access CV database alongside the regular job board offer-posting and search functions.


2. Indeed Peru

In second place is Indeed. A global giant and the number one job site worldwide, this job board is unsurprisingly also popular in Peru, although Colombia and Ecuador lack their own national site. Job posting is free and the audience is enormous, with it being the first place many people turn to when they are job seeking. This makes it a very attractive option to publish a job advert if you are looking to attract a wide base of applicants.


1. Computrabajo

And finally, in first place we have Computrabajos. For recruitment in South America you need look no further than this site. It is the #1 generalist job board in each of our three countries, with the Colombian version of the site amassing almost 100,000 job adverts. New ads are added every day and gain a huge amount of exposure due to the site’s popularity. There is also a feature enabling searches for vocational courses, which could be extremely helpful for someone looking for a career change.



For both employers and job seekers, Jobboard Finder is the first decision-making tool for recruitment campaigns and job searches. By gathering tools and services that recruiters can use to search and compare employment websites from all over the world to find the best job search sites, it really is the best solution for recruitment needs. Today recruiters can also purchase job advertisements for the media they have selected and manage their postings directly from our unique platform. Then they can rate and review the job boards they have used in the past for our community of professionals to see.
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Free job boards

Recruitment can be very expensive for some companies and recruitment agencies. And when you decide to cut the costs of your next recruitment campaign, it can be very tricky, because you don’t know which kind of applications you will receive. On the other hand, you will probably save money, because you will not take any risks if the recruitment is not urgent or if the candidates who apply don’t suit the position you’re offering. But you will probably waste time, in reading the huge amounts of applications and in doing interviews that may be unconvincing. In order to help you save time and money, we have made a list of the best free job boards in the world so you can make sure that your campaign will be efficient and that you kept the standards as high as you placed them. Please note that this is a list of free aggregators, because generally, publishing an advert on other generalist and specialist job boards is not free.

Indeed: the world’s number one free job posting sites

It is not a surprise, when you tell a recruiter: “Give me an example of free job posting site”, there will be no hesitation, you will hear “Indeed!”. indeed countriesThis is one of the simplest top free job posting sites for employers in the world, anybody can post a job for free and without even sponsoring it, somebody will manage to apply to your advert, as it has so much visitors. It is available almost worldwide and it is the biggest aggregator in the world. Note that if you want to sponsor your advert to appear on the top of the list, the system of pay-per-click applies. However, you can post free job ads over 60 countries.

Trovit: classified ads aggregator

Trovit is a website that simplifies advertising. As it is a classified ads website, you can find anything you want. Their job page is easy to use, modern and it has been very helpful for many companies. As on Indeed, you can definitely boost your advert to make it more visible to job seekers.

trovit countries

Trovit is available all around the world and brings work to people. You can find anything on this website, but it will definitely be of good quality.

Jora: the Australian employment classifieds and job board

As a partner of many huge job boards from all around the world, Jora is a growing job board which tries to make job search easier for job seekers. Its international team works everyday to aggregate worldwide job offers posted for free by companies or found on other websites. It is pretty simple to look for a job on this site, and even more to publish one.jora countries

Simply Hired: much more than jobs

Just like the previous ones, Simply Hired gathers job adverts from the whole Internet, that is to say from job sites, but even from companies corporate pages. The job posting is simple and quick, and the way they are classified help your advert to be found. simplyhired homepage

The website is available in more than 20 countries and in 12 languages, which is pretty good for all international users.

Job Bank: Canada’s government job board

Job Bank allows companies in Canada to advertise their jobs for free. They guarantee you to receive maximum exposure because when you post on this job board, your job offer will appear through several job search platforms all across Canada. In order to post for free, you just have to fill a kind of questionnaire about your company. job bank canada

Note that the the website is available in English and French, the two official languages of Canada. So if you’re in Canada and you want to post a job for free, this is the best website to use.

Jooble: worldwide job aggregator

jooble countries

Present in 64 countries, Jooble is as the others, a very good job board with the mission to simplify job search. You can directly publish on this job board or you can appear on it thanks to their aggregation function. It is true that it has less audience than the others but you will definitely have a good and efficient campaign if you decide to post on Jooble.

JobisJob: search engine for job offers

Finally, we can add to this list of very similar job boards Jobisjob. They also collect offers from employment websites, and this, from all over the internet. JobisJob is present in 22 different countries worldwide, and all of their services are free. You can try this one if you’re tired to post on the same websites, you won’t lose anything as it is free, and you may find better candidates.jobisjob homepage

Of course, there are many other free job boards all over the internet, but this is the list of the most efficient and the most visited aggregators. Let’s not forget that sometimes, it might be better to establish a budget and to post on charging job boards, if your campaigns on free job boards were not satisfying.

For both employers and job seekers, Jobboard Finder is the first decision-making tool for recruitment campaigns and job searches. By gathering tools and services that recruiters can use to search and compare employment websites from all over the world to find the best job search sites, it really is the best solution for recruitment needs. Today recruiters can also purchase job advertisements for the media they have selected and manage their postings directly from our unique platform. Then they can rate and review the job boards they have used in the past for our community of professionals to see.
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Best job search sites in 2016

Despite the shocking and momentous events that occurred in 2016 all around the world shaking the political and economic instability of many countries, the international recruitment industry remained unwavering and successful. This year we saw the development of new strategies and technologies that brought light and innovation to the HR community and which will become fundamental in 2017. As the techniques and trends for hiring talent adapted and changed to fit our developing world, we want to look back on the impacts of certain job sites on the market this year. To evaluate and provide a clear list of the top job search sites and job boards on an international level that proved to be the successful forerunners this year.


For recruiters sourcing talent in 2016, there have been thousands of job platforms to choose to advertise positions. So selecting the job site that best suits the requirements and needs of a company and that stands out from the crowd can be a difficult decision. Here is what we at Jobboard Finder found were the reoccurring top trumps.



This site is the global leader in human capital solutions and helps companies with their complete recruitment process. They also specialize in pioneering HR software and boast being not only a job board but also a talent advisor and strategic business partner, which comes in handy if you want all of your resources in one service. CareerBuilder look after many large brands as their clients and work with companies across a wide variety of industries, so they tick all the boxes. Their free job board is popular around the world and a useful source for recruiters who want to cut corners with the costs of a recruitment drive.

Indeed Aggregator


This is the number 1 job site in the world, and has been for some years now. Indeed is an aggregator which means that job offers from different websites appear all together on one site and this can cut a lot of time and effort searching different job sites. Indeed doesn’t just bring up offers from job boards, company career sites, and recruiter sites but actually job postings from all over the internet. Known around the globe thanks to its simple branding and cost effective process, this site remains at the forefront of the international job board ranking. For both job seekers and recruiters who would rather not spend money on their candidate or job search, Indeed is a great service that asserts having a huge database of job adverts and CVs.



This has been a powerfully effective site in the HR world this year. As its users are employees who can rate, review and comment on their company’s employer experience, management style and culture, this site is full of opinions and helpful advice for prospective employees. In certain cases, this site can help recruiters with their employer branding as they don’t need to be proactive and it is up to the employees to express their positive opinion of the company. Glassdoor has really changed the way enterprises view company culture and employee satisfaction as how the company is seen on the outside is becoming more and more essential to the success of a business.



This global giant is present in every country around the world and has its foot firmly in the recruitment door. In terms of online traffic, this job board is continually knocking it out of the park! Like all the other major players in the job board game, they offer extra job seeking support and guidance for recruiters. But unlike the rest of the competition, Monster is full of quality free job seeker advice such as résumé marking and cover letter writing help. What makes Monster different is its international reputation and market dominance; ask any recruiter in any corner of the globe and we guarantee that this will be the first job board they name.

Jobboard Finder


Jobboard Finder is the world’s largest job board search engine and comparison website; for both employers and job seekers, Jobboard Finder really is the first decision-making tool for recruitment campaigns and job searches. By gathering tools and services that recruiters can use to search and compare employment websites from all over the world, it really is the best solution for recruitment needs and to find the best job search sites. Today recruiters can also purchase job advertisements for the media they have selected and manage their postings directly from our unique platform. Then they can rate and review the job boards they have used in the past for our community of professionals to see.

This list is by no means limited, there are hundreds of job search sites available to job seekers and recruiters who are starting a job search or recruitment drive. It is just important to be aware of the industry leaders who are updating and paving the way for new HR technologies so that members of the professional world can watch their next move.

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The best job sites in the world

We previously introduced to you what we consider to be the best language job boards and the best finance job boards. Today, we’re releasing our list of the 5 best job boards worldwide.

What criteria do we apply to select the best job sites

As the world leading job board search engine we are aware how important is to find the best job boards and we trust our guide will help you to choose the right media for your recruiting campaign. We have chosen only the job boards that offer for recruiters a quick and easy way to showcase their specific job posting to the qualified candidates.

We have made sure they offer the best tools and advices for job seekers and workers looking to advance their career. We also checked if those job sites allow jobseekers to do a job listing search quickly and efficiently. Another important criteria for us was whether those job boards included free advice about job search basics like CV and cover letter writing. We think that the job sites we have selected are the most useful places to spend your time online.


The job boards we selected

Below you can see our selection of the best job boards and a short description about each site.

1. Indeed

According to SimilarWeb is the most visited job site in the world. The reason for its success is that it is one of the most efficient sites for surveying job listing: it aggregates information from job boards, news sites and company listings.

Indeed has also many advanced search functions that make the website very user friendly. Companies with a high turnover are more likely to use Indeed as that job board offers great prices for employers.

Indeed also delivers the highest quantity of applicants, however those are not always quality candidates.

2. Monster

Monster is a job board that has been used by employers who are rather hiring for entry-level positions. Monster is very popular among the recruiters as the site lets them filter and manage applications.

In terms of quality, according to the recruiters the application they received from Monster deliver much better quality candidates than from Indeed.


3. CareerBuilder

While Indeed and Monster both attracts teenagers, temporary job seekers, those with only high school education and those who are fresh out of college, Careerbuilder normally does not attract these types of candidates.

The job posting rates of CareerBuilder and the ones of Monster are rather a “high-cost” option.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is quickly rising in popularity as a recruiting site. Glassdoor enables employers to update their company info, see who is viewing their company profile and respond to reviews.

The site is also a great resource for the jobseekers, as Glassdoor allows users to see typical interview questions, salary information and many other useful tips for job-seekers to help them obtain job offers.

The site is best known for its inside look at thousands of employers from current and ex-employees. gets 45m visits monthly, 85% of them from the US.


5. CareerJet

CareerJet is a job search engine with a worldwide presence. CareerJet is a job search engine that maps a huge selection of job offerings across the internet, including from job board listings and large specialist recruitment sites. The site is available in 28 languages

CareerJet is a job search engine with a worldwide presence. They’re available in 28 languages and source 40m job ads from more than 70k websites around the world.


Our opinion in Jobboard Finder is that those websites are the best ones around. Of course every recruiter and every jobseeker has different set of priorities and needs, so our picks could be subject to debate. Please let us know your thoughts. – Find your dream job abroad


Many of us are dreaming about living abroad but can often be too scared to look for a job opportunity in a different country. This is when one of our partner job board comes along. Recently we had a pleasure to interview Sonia Poggi, Administrative & Sales Assistant at and its current positioning

MEJ is an international job board specialised in employment for expatriates, “impatriates” and international profiles.

This job board is opened to anyone who wishes to have, or wants to strengthen an international experience, and thus to make their professional career more attractive in an increasingly globalized future.

Specific features of

This new job board stands out through its strong presence on social networks, but also through its specific and adapted research filters (for CV and job offers), its multiple country profiles available, plenty of tips for candidates and also for its cheap and simple billing method.

– The pricing is very simple; efficient, low cost and transparent, divided in three packages.

4400 candidates are registered in 120 countries, 5 continents.

– There is also a blog on the site with articles related to expatriation, recommendations to look for a job depending on the country, tips to edit resumes, etc.

– We broadcast offers to our candidates and to our community members and through links visible across the largest recruiting meta-engines.

– Recruiters can create their business page (description, videos, links to their website and social networks, values, etc.)

– They also benefit from our growing community on social networks, over 6000 members spread over 75 countries, i.e. 5 continents.


Idea of creating a job board for expatriates

Jorge Prieto Martin, Manager of RHExpat has over 15 years of experience as an international mobility Advisor. He began working for big companies and later created his own International Mobility Consulting Firm, RHExpat, which he founded in 2011. After a while he realizes that there are few job sites for expats, and none of them really stands out in the field of expatriation. This is why he decides to create “RHExpat Emploi” with his partner Damien Labdouche by the end of 2013.

More than a year after its creation, as the site was operating in autonomy, a development strategy is implemented. Then follows a new name, MyExpatJob, a new logo, new partnerships, a new policy rate …

Best innovations

With our expertise in the field of International Mobility, we closely follow the latest trends in international labour market, and we constantly listen to the needs of recruiters and candidates.

On the other hand we use new technologies and we rely heavily on networks to develop our projects and make our job board grow every day.

Company culture

Our company works on a perfect balance, based on empowerment, integrity and client care.

We also provide a point of honor to develop team spirit. We believe that our ability to work together and share, makes us give the best of each other, this reflects on the way we care and provide the best possible service to our clients; by helping people find work in a foreign country, we believe we can positively change their lives, and make their dreams come true.

Global e-recruitment market

The e-recruitment market is definitely being boosted by the arrival of new players and the emergence of new technologies for several reasons.

Cost efficiency

Time saving

Worldwide search

Scope for better match…

The truth is that we see more and more jobs scrolling on all social networks, for better or worse… Fake job offers, vast pool or non-serious applicants…

Your target audience and current traffic

As regards candidates, they cover a large population that goes from the student seeking an internship abroad to the executive looking forward to emigrate in an international firm, or just simply multicultural candidates searching for jobs in international oriented companies in France.

Regarding recruiters, every single company searching for International profiles and/or experience.

We regularly receive between 6,000 and 8,000 unique visits/month on our website and we currently have 3,335 CV registered (an average of 10 candidates per day).

Major challenges

Globalization has a direct impact on expatriation growth, that phenomenon magnifies constantly and we will be expecting the market to continue expanding.

The challenge will be to be chosen as the jobboard reference for international recruiters and candidates. To reach this goal we bet on our community who is the guts of MyExpatJob.

Next steps and projects

Recently, the site has been completely changed with a new design, new sources of information available, and last but not least … a multiple language website.

So we are going to continue to improve the site by developping more accurate features of our job search engine, more competitive and innovative information, and of course make a point on pampering our community through their feedback.


About the founder

Jorge Prieto Martin has over 15 years of experience in international mobility (IM), at the beginning in large groups and then in his own consulting company IM, RHExpat, which he founded in 2011. He realizes that there are a few job sites for expats, but none really stands out in the field of expatriation. This is why he decides with his partner, Damien Labdouche, to create RHExpat Employment by the end of 2013.

More than a year after its creation, as the site was operating in autonomy, a development strategy is implemented. Then follows a new name, MyExpatJob, a new logo, new partnerships, a new rate policy … MyExpatJob has the means and aspires to become a market leader.

More recently, the site has been completely redrawn with a new design, new sources of information available for you and finally … a multiple language website, not silly for an expats job board, right?

JOBdnes – a key player in Czech Republic

With a strong growth in the last 10 years, Czech Republic is ranked among the world most industrialized countries, especially in the manufacturing and automotive areas. With its stable and prosperous market economy and its central position in Europe it benefits, unlike most European countries, from a very dynamic work market with full employment.

To bring the spotlight to this interesting country, we recently interviewed one of our 896 job board partners and one of the leading job boards in Czech Republic. We spoke with Vladimír Dubeň who works as Head of S. M. E. Sales. He gave us some insight about Czech e-recruitment market and how he sees its evolution in the future. He then explained to us JobDNES strategy to keep increasing its market share and the new features they will introduce on the market.

About is one of the job portals with the longest tradition. They have been present more than 11 years in the Czech market. offers a reliable and cheap online recruitment alternative for small and medium enterprises in Czech Republic.


Specific features that distinguishes the site from its national competitors

Our unique feature is the possibility to combine advertising at different media from one single system. Recruiters can advertise at job portal, news portal and on our 3 newspapers from one central place.

They can also work on a daily basis with our 70 thousands CVs database.

The e-recruitment market in Czech Republic

Czech Republic candidates are very lucky. Demands of the companies are higher than market is able to satisfy. There is a lack of candidates in most sectors and especially in manufacturing.

Challenges in the coming years

The major challenges for our portal are to increase our market share and to attract on our websites large companies over 500 hundred employees. We see the future of the market in more complex services and “tailor made” solutions for the recruiters.

Next step for – Recruitment Software

This year we are gearing up to connect our job portal with a new recruitment software jobDNES profi. Then we´ll have a fully complete tool and this will help us to always increase Czech recruiters satisfaction and satisfy their needs. This is, in our opinion, the key to growing on the Czech market.

The recruitment software jobDNES profi is designed to make recruiters life easier.

It gives recruiters the opportunity to centralize all relevant information about the candidates they are in contact with. They can publish their job ads on different portals from a central dashboard, they can collect all candidate applications there. They can also save their candidate profiles into various folders and use several filters: from Pre selection up to Last round of interviews. They also have full access to a CV database, they can send massive invitation for interviews or they can refuse candidates.

Recruiters can see at a glance the complete candidate history and several recruiters from the same company can work on the system at the same time.

Your experience with JobBoard Finder

Job Board Finder is a useful service for candidates who are looking at international vacancies all around the world. Job Board Finder guide them in their first steps by letting them know about the different portals in different countries. We could suggest maybe translating your site into more languages, for instance Russian could be very useful for your users.


Vladimír Dubeň – Head of S. M. E. Sales

Vladimir Duben has been working for the portal for 8 years. He is responsible for its business and product development.

Before that he had been working for 8 years as a Business Manager for the international job portal CVOnline in Czech Republic and Slovakia.