Legal recruitment Asia

Anne-Marie / June 15, 2017
Category : Job board information, Job board tips and help, Legislation

For foreign people, recruitment in China is perceived as something difficult. People’s Republic of China is generally very demanding with international companies or candidates and employees who are not Chinese. The Chinese job market is in full growth, it is therefore a very attractive market for foreign companies, and before making up your mind and implement over there, you have to analyze this special market.

4 problems for international recruitment

Maria / October 18, 2016
Category : Legislation, Recruitment, Recruitment advice

Launching an international recruitment campaign in a foreign country is a great opportunity for your business to expand and your company to grow, but many recruiters do not realize the variety of problems that they will inevitably have to face during this process. Here at Jobboard Finder, we are experienced players in the world of international recruitment and we have offered our tips to help employers run a smooth recruitment drive.