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Google for Jobs is here!

This is this week’s main event: Google is now a job board. Even though it is only an aggregator available in the USA at the moment, we don’t doubt that it will expend very quickly with the powerhouse that Google is. It is all the more surprising that it took that much time for Google to invest on the job market, because people were already typing on the search engine “jobs in…” But now, thanks to a Cloud API and to the collaboration of many job boards, Google is ready to take advantage of its popularity and dominance to conquer another market. We will see how it supposedly works and why they decided to add this feature, which will definitely have a huge impact on work and job boards work

What it consists in

This Tuesday 20th, Google for Jobs was officially launched. As we said earlier, they have added to the search engine a new job aggregator feature. With this feature, Google obviously wants to become the reference in job search that with them will be “simpler and more efficient”. They have indicated that they will aggregate the job offers of more than 20 job boards like Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster or LinkedIn and even Facebook. The last two are the ones they are trying to compete with, according to La Tribune. You can type anything on Google like “Jobs around me” or “Retail jobs” and all the job offers will appear as if you were looking for something else on Google.

google for jobs

Their system will be able to redirect the candidates to the job board which first posted the offer. According to Google’s team, it will help candidates save precious time, especially with the email alerts job seekers can receive. And this is pretty innovative, as these email alerts are based on the candidates’ set criteria, like publication date or their journey time to the company. As mentioned in the introduction, Google for Jobs is only available in the USA, but according to the positive results of this test, Google’s team indicated that many other countries will have access to this feature very soon.

google for jobs

You can watch Google’s official video presenting the new feature right here!

Why did they add this Google for Jobs feature?

Google uses a lot Artificial Intelligence, and the company has always wanted to better use all the data they already possess, in order to bring “smarterfeatures to their offer. After comparing with the feature “Restaurants around me”, they thought that data location or similar searches could definitely be used for job search. Google is pretty clear, they have started studying and using search algorithms in order to find only the best job. This is completely disrupting the recruiting market, according to an article of Josh Bersin: “Their experimental work with early customers has been fairly amazing: one client found that searches for “genetic engineering research” jobs barely surfaced a single job before using the Google technology; after using the Google search the perfect job popped up in the first page. And Johnson & Johnson has seen an 18% lift in applies per search on its career site since integrating.”google for jobs presentation

Since the beginning of the year, Google has decided to invest a lot in labor market (with Google Hire as well, a beta CV search engine for companies), especially because of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn in 2016 and Facebook’s new tab: Facebook Jobs. Even if they seem to be investing way too late in job search market, they will always have a huge advantage: being the world’s biggest search engine, used worldwide by almost everybody.

Maybe one day, Google for Jobs will have its profile on Jobboard Finder!

Is LinkedIn still a good recruitment tool?

LinkedIn is considered as the professional social network. Ever since its creation in 2003, the website has become inevitable, has gathered more than 500 million of members and has kept on developing new features, more or less controversial. On the page 40 of Recruitment Grapevine magazine, we found a very interesting article discussing about LinkedIn last week’s latest updates that lead us to provide an overview on the social network. We will wonder whether LinkedIn remains a good recruitment tool, as it is considered as a very simple site, easy to use that allows candidates, recruiters and employees to meet each other on a single platform.


Unconvincing new features

According to many recruiting professionals who spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, it seems that the brand new features added in the last couple of weeks have made the website more complex to use, especially for their free and premium access. There were so many complaints that LinkedIn’s developers have promised to bring back some old features. So there is definitely an issue, especially because for some people, some changes seem to encourage unconscious bias, a recurring problem in recruitment which we talked about a few weeks ago, in an article on blind recruitment. This unconscious bias is especially highlighted when you choose a college, only to see the candidates coming from the biggest schools.linkedin iphone

It is true that new technologies improve and help recruitment, allowing recruiters to save time and money to make the most of an expensive campaign. However, social media and other technologies must not be the only ways to make decisions, as we explained in a previous article.

Does LinkedIn remain a good recruitment site?

linkedin recruitment figures

It is first important to remind everybody that on LinkedIn, there are more than 3 million of active job adverts, and this, all around the world. As it is a much visited international website, it remains one of the best mean to find a job or a good candidate. Algorithms and artificial intelligence used by LinkedIn are made to do a first selection. This first screening will not help find straight away the best candidate, but instead to save time that recruiters often spend with wrong applications and rule out candidates that don’t match the position and the skills required, especially thanks to their behavior online and on LinkedIn.

It therefore remains a good recruitment tool, but we have to say that these new changes must not impact the very essence of LinkedIn, so as to remain something professional. Even if there are many issues on the standard website, the LinkedIn Recruiter version is still very efficient and simple to use and it will always remain a good recruitment tool.logo linkedin

To learn more about LinkedIn’s job board activities, you can have a look at its profile on Jobboard Finder.

For both employers and job seekers, Jobboard Finder is the first decision-making tool for recruitment campaigns and job searches. By gathering tools and services that recruiters can use to search and compare employment websites from all over the world to find the best job search sites, it really is the best solution for recruitment needs. Today recruiters can also purchase job advertisements for the media they have selected and manage their postings directly from our unique platform. Then they can rate and review the job boards they have used in the past for our community of professionals to see.
Keep up to date with our news articles and receive them directly in your mailbox by subscribing to our newsletter. If there is a particular topic that you would like to see featured on our blog please let us know. raises funds is the first platform of selective recruitment of engineers in Europe. It is present in Paris, where it was founded two years ago, and has expended to Lyon, and abroad, in Berlin and London. It is a French startup that offers on its website the possibility for candidates to be connected with companies hiring in the IT sector. The candidates that sign in on the website have their skills verified via phone interview before being presented to more than 2,000 companies that want to recruit their engineers and tech team. recruiters also make sure that the candidates are available quickly, because their mission is to find a job to talented candidates as quickly as possible. The profiles are only available for a month, so that companies decide in a short amount of time, but also to give other candidates a chance to find a job. Over the last two years, the startup has kept on growing and has managed to become an indispensable platform for job seekers in engineering and tech. The startup has recently raised €8 million via Alven Capital and Ventech, leading investors in Digital Economy, in order to completely change headhunting in tech and other sectors as well, and to expand their presence all around Europe. We will see how works and how they plan on growing more with these funds. logo

How works

The services of are focused on jobs for IT engineers and coders, and it helps more companies because their demand in talented engineers is way higher than the offer of available talents. also helps recruiters find full-time employees, freelancers and interns.

And makes sure that companies don’t lose time and find the best in the sector, especially because they take a lot of time to choose the candidates and evaluate their skills and availability.

It is a closed platform, only 10% of the candidates registered are presented to the companies and around 25% of candidates find a new job thanks to the startup. Every Monday, gives companies a panel of candidates that were selected after a few homepage

This is completely different from the job boards, the companies find candidates that are really looking for a job, and the candidates are guaranteed to contact companies really interested by their profile. The registration is free for candidates but not for companies, it is often the price of recruitment offices, and the companies pay only when they decide to hire the candidate. This economic model interests both startups and the biggest groups.

After a month, candidates who didn’t find a new job are removed from the platform.

Expansion and ambitions

Since 2015, has boosted its market shares and for the majority of IT and tech companies, has become the only mean to recruit.

With the fund raised, wants to improve its geographical presence in Europe and to wider the range of positions and sectors covered, in digital marketing for homepage

“Our ambition is to push harder in this direction: by 2019, we plan to match great tech companies with great tech talent in 10 different cities all over Europe, becoming this continent’s go-to site for finding jobs or hiring tech talent. In parallel, we will expand our scope to help talent with diverse technology background and skills, such as SAP, cloud, CRM, video games, VR, and others.” the team said in a Press Release.

StartHer launches a job board

StartHer is a French independent association that was founded in 2010 with the aim to give visibility and help young women access jobs or become entrepreneurs in the tech and IT sector. They organize events, formations, give tips for education among other things, thanks to an international network and community. Highlighting women success in new technologies and entrepreneurship is the mission of StartHer (previously Girls in Tech), founded by a mainly feminine team, with Roxanne Varza (coming from the Silicon Valley and Microsoft) and Mounia Rkha (former expert in capital risk management at Ventech). The association has always supported women to work in this exiting sector where feminine workers are not enough represented. They were delighted to launch on the 25th of April their job board. We will see why they have decided to add this feature to their action and how it works.starther logo

Why the association decided to add a job board feature

In partnership with the French specialist job board Welcome to the Jungle, the French association decided to launch its tech job board. There are around eighty offers of business developers, graphists, commercial dedicated to women’s work in tech. Note that these adverts are not for women only (forbidden under the French law), it is to make it easier for companies concerned about gender equality and parity to meet women looking for a job in the sector. They also ask companies to make valuable efforts to recruit more women and to establish an inclusive culture and a fair wage policy. StartHer was already doing this on Twitter, but now the job board allows them to publish more regularly.starther job board

The adverts are neutral but are essentially intended to the whole feminine community of the association. “Before, we were only relaying some job offers on request of the companies that found it difficult to find some profiles. We thought that it could be useful for our faithful community to benefit from these offers”, explained Johanna Kirk, co-director of the association, to the French edition of Forbes magazine.

How does it work?

StartHer team selects the companies that will have the possibility to publish their job offers on their network. It is completely free to publish on their job board, and also free for the candidates. As mentioned before, it is handled by their partner Welcome to the Jungle, a job board as well, that has also committed to enhance female employment in IT and tech.

Each company that wants to appear on the job board has to sign a charter of commitment that consists in 5 key points:

  • To create an inclusive culture
  • To be active to publish offers for feminine communities like StartHer or others
  • To offer equal wages between men and women
  • To ban sexist behavior during all types of interviews
  • To establish concrete actions to improve diversity

starther charter

This is a good road towards equality, and StartHer will probably add other rules to the charter. This job board is only available in French as it is a national job board, but the community is international. We are sure that this could give some ideas to other female IT specialists and engineers all around the world.

StartHer will have its profile on Jobboard Finder soon!

Google buys Kaggle

Last March, Kaggle was proud to announce that they were acquired by Google Cloud. This website uses “big data” and transform it into data much more than significant for companies, but not only. At first, it was a website that organized competitions in data science. But then companies came and exposed their issues in data science and offered prizes to data scientists that had the best performances. The rise of “big data” gave a strong interest in data processing and it has become important to analyse it, especially because of the huge and relavant amount of data that we possess. In this article, we will first see what is Kaggle, then we will explain why Google bought it and what this acquisition will bring to Kaggle first, but also to Goggle.

What is Kaggle and how does it work?logo kaggle

People uninterested in data science may have never heard of Kaggle. However, we are all concerned about personal data and what can be done with it. Created by the Australian economist Anthony Goldbloom in 2010, the half-Australian, half-Californian start-up has transformed “data science into a sport”. Predictive modeling, programming and data processing are presented as something that will bring the contestants “fortune, glory and pleasure”. More than 800,000 data scientists try to solve these issues in the fields of science, finance, energy and even in sales. It is a website for “nerds” but also for companies that want to save time in research and development. In the winner of the competition, companies can even find their own data scientist, because offering a job can be the prize of the data competition.logo kaggle

So it is a simple principle: someone prepares the competition, which can be private or public. These competitions can be of any type: some of them are free and just made for “geeks” and deal with funny topics like the first one on Kaggle, that is to say the prediction of the voting patterns of the Eurovision. Or it can be for companies, institutions or universities that share on Kaggle their data and what they need actually, and then statisticians and experts in data from all around the world kind of fight to solve these issues, by creating the best predictive model possible. Many big companies like Microsoft or General Electric have asked the services of the best ranked professionals on Kaggle.

At the end of the competition, and as mentioned before, the prizes are sometimes a job in the company that issued the problem, or money (and there can be huge amounts), and the ultimate right to use the algorithm or the software that were created by resolving the issue.

Kaggle therefore offers an advisory service that is undeniably useful for companies and for data scientist from all around to be recognized in a field that is getting more and more attractive.

It is also important for us to note that Kaggle is a specialist job board as well. There are around 910,000 data scientists registered on the website and there are many interesting offers.Kaggle job board

Why Google bought them?

It is not something new. The biggest companies often take advantage of their notoriety, of their supremacy to buy little but promising companies so they don’t encroach on their conquered territory. Google bought Kaggle in order to reach more data scientists. And Kaggle’s community of data scientists is the biggest in the world. They wanted to improve in data science and machine learning as well.

Google cloud kaggle

Kaggle is now part of Google Cloud, but this will not change their current team. “The Kaggle team will remain together and will continue Kaggle as a distinct brand within Google Cloud. We will continue to grow our competitions and open data platforms, and we will remain open to all data scientists, companies, techniques and technologies.” said Anthony Goldbloom, the CEO, in a blog post on Kaggle. One thing is sure, this new collaboration will revolutionize the data science sector.


Textkernel partners with Jobboard Finder

This February, Jobboard Finder was pleased to announce the launch of its Premium Offer. By subscribing to this offer, recruiters will now be able to have access to a deeper analysis of the 250 job boards referenced in our data in the six main countries of Western Europe. This deeper analysis consists in having access to different features like a comparison tool, the prices for job postings and also the possibility to download in PDF the job boards’ profiles.

In order to give our customers more relevant information so as to find the best job board for the posting of their job adverts, we established a partnership with Jobfeed a huge online HR database belonging to Textkernel, a Dutch innovative software company. They provide solutions for recruitment and temporary staffing, for employers, for job boards, for software vendors or also for market research. Their mission is to match the demands and supplies in the job market.
Textkernel Logo

What is Jobfeed and what is it used for ?

Jobfeed is one of the biggest online database dedicated to HR professionals. It belongs to Textkernel, a software specialist in multilingual recruitment technology. To come back to Jobfeed, it has an up-to-date knowledge of the world’s job market and automatically searches every day all across the Internet the newest and latest job adverts posted. In a nutshell, it is a tool that analyses the job ads by different criteria like occupation, location, education level or company name.

jobfeed logo

Jobfeed is available in the United Kingdom, in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in France, in Germany and in Austria. Nevertheless, the list of countries is not limited and according to Textkernel, this list is in constant expansion.

The three main objectives and missions of Jobfeed are basic and straight to the point: increase recruiters’ customer base, get more insight in your market and finally offer customized solutions to candidates.

How and why Jobboard Finder uses Jobfeed ?

In a way to help recruiters developing their recruitment strategies and campaigns, Jobboard Finder team decided to partner with Jobfeed. At the moment, they provide us with information from the six main European countries, that is to say the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and France, where Jobboard finder is based. However, as we wrote earlier in the article, as Jobfeed’s data is in constant expansion, we will soon be able to get information from other countries such as Spain, Italy, Canada and especially the USA.

Textkernel is a partner of our parent company, Aktor Interactive and also of Kioskemploi, another company owned by Aktor. It is the only provider we use for all the data accessible on the website of Jobboard Finder Premium Access. APIs (Application Programming Interface) of Jobboard Finder and Jobfeed are connected so we can have access to all their data, and to the most relevant one. This is a little bit too technical but let’s say we share the most relevant data in order to allow recruiters analyze the best options available for their recruitment campaign.Jobboard Finder Premium

If you decided to subscribe to our Premium Offer, you would have access to much more information on our website, completely different from the public access: for example, the total of job posts on the job board’s website, the average number of posts per month, week or quarter or also which company posts the most on a given job board website.

This is the perfect combination of very useful tools so recruiters have access to a wide selection of media that will then allow them to stand out from their competitors.

How Google’s Cloud Jobs API is changing the game for everyone?

Not wanting to be left out of the global HR industry, Google has once again shown how dominatingly powerful and ahead of the game their brand is. By releasing their very own toolkit which enhances recruitment technology services and products, they have created their specific space in a very saturated market. Not actually adding to the list of available job boards, they are providing a software, built on their expertise and prowess, to improve applicant tracking system, job board and career site solutions. This one of kind and innovative product is predicted to dominate the industry and it has already secured their newly created position in the recruitment technology business.

Nowadays the recruiting process is densely polluted with many poor quality searching and job posting tools which block up feeds with irrelevant and sometimes even out of date offers. Job seekers are finding it increasingly more difficult to find the job ads that fit their personal experiences and specific needs. That is why Google has decided to stream line the hiring process for recruitment campaigns and improve candidate experience with their own HR technology.


Long gone are the days when job seekers would be recommended offers that had nothing to do with their search. Linking up job positions with the right candidates will be made more thorough and accurate with Google’s new technology. Job ads that use industry specific language and that often are not searched for by job seekers because of the vocabulary barrier, will appear more in Google’s improved job results. It will also provide a more relevant and smarter search by using the key word combinations that match directly to the input and by studying the relation between job titles, skills and experience.

For job seekers, when job suggestions appear on your screen that do not match your employment search but are linked to your previous experiences and past employers, this is because of the job boards selling & buying of traffic to companies. This means that companies can pay for their ads to appear in the search engine for anyone with slightly similar professional experience. Studies have shown that there is still a small percentage of potential employees who would apply for them and this means employers receive applicants and the job boards get paid. Sadly many job boards believe that if they increase the number of job suggestions then the application rate will be higher. However Google’s Cloud Jobs API includes an enhanced job recommendations tool which proves that multiple suggested ads, flooding the search results, are not the best way to ensure more applicants. They do this by studying job exploration and career data to recommend job positions that are linked with a candidate’s personal and professional information.


Also included in Google’s new technology is a developed mapping feature which provides job seekers with more precise results according to their location. One of the best components included in Google’s Cloud Jobs API is a commuting mapping tool so job searchers can filter out the results according to the distance of their journey in the morning. Users will also be able to like and dislike job recommendations that appear in their search results so that the job suggestion tool can provide more relevant selections for the future.

Unfortunately for the mean time Google’s service is only available for a select few job boards; Dice, CareerBuilder and Jibe. This means that for recruiters and talent acquisition teams to try out the new technology, they will have to work through one of these providers. What will be interesting to see is if this service is actually as revolutionary as they are promoting it, as there have been no case studies to support Google’s claims so far.


For both employers and job seekers, Jobboard Finder is the first decision-making tool for recruitment campaigns and job searches. By gathering tools and services that recruiters can use to search and compare employment websites from all over the world, it really is the best solution for recruitment needs and to find the best job search sites. Today recruiters can also purchase job advertisements for the media they have selected and manage their postings directly from our unique platform. Then they can rate and review the job boards they have used in the past for our community of professionals to see.