Entertainment and the Recruitment of the Stars5 min read

Ali Neill / July 9, 2023
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Caption: Entertainment and the Recruitment of the Stars5 min read

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A passionate writer and a curious soul, my long-term goals include growing the Jobboard Finder blog and discovering more about recruitment. Have you ever wondered how people make it in the entertainment industry? Sure, there are job boards like Backstage with over 12 000 job offers for positions worldwide but it’s far more complicated than sending your CV for an opportunity to grow in this line of work. So keep reading this CV to see just how people get recruited in Hollywoo (like they say in BoJack Horseman) or Broadway!


The Juilliard School, New York – 1901 to now

The Juilliard School, often referred to as simply “Juilliard” is one of the most renowned schools for drama and the arts in the world. Founded by Frank Damrosch, the school opened at a time when American student were rushing to Europe for their musical education. Indeed, the school started with a focus on music and then added drama and dance. Furthermore, the name Juilliard came later too. A rich textile merchant left a large part of his wealth to the school to promote the arts.

As one of the top schools for acting, just getting into Juilliard can open doors. Just ask some of their alumni: Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer and Adam Driver all attended Juilliard. The admissions are brutal though: less 8% of applicants actually move beyond the auditions. But once you’re in, you’re in. Students have advanced technology and equipment for a real hands on education. Furthermore, the school offers students many opportunities to perform and every performance could lead to a big break. Scouts visit the school to find the next up-coming star.

USC, California – 1929 to now

A public institution, USC, which stands for the University of Southern California, has a number of departments dedicated to the entertainment industry. First off, we have the school of cinematic arts. Much like Juilliard, students have access to great equipment but even more importantly, they can rub shoulders with some of the greats in cinema. There’s an impressive alumni: John Wayne, Ron Howard, George Lucas, etc. And there’s an even more impressive board. Steven Spielberg, among others, help choose the candidates who are accepted at the school. This means that students can be recruited directly from the school. Without ever looking for a job with a studio, they can meet some fo the greats.

In addition to the cinematic arts, USC has a dramatic arts department. Not only are students trained in acting but the USC also has a huge emphasis on research, which means the future entertainers are also getting the best techniques and practises of their time.

International Schools

Beyond these two schools, there are many more which shape the entertainers of tomorrow. And entertainment doesn’t exist solely in the States. Many great institutions train actors, musicians and performers around the world. Some of the top places include:

  • The National Institution of Dramatic Art (usually referred to as NIDA) in Australia
  • Guildhall School of Music and Drama in England
  • Central School of Speech and Drama in England

At the end of the day, going to the right school means a recruiter or scout can spot you and see potential even before you audition for a real gig.

Professional Experience


So, once you’ve finished your school (or skipped that part), it’s time to get a little professional experience. For those who feel completely lost, the best asset for any time of recruitment is the job board. Backstage offers opportunities for any looking to work in front of or behind the camera. It’s not your only option though!
You can also turn to the gig job boards, which have seen a great success over the last decade. Fiverr, Behance and UpWork, just to name a few, give you control over your future. To be honest, it’s better to use these tools once you have a bit of experience because you need to be able to sell yourself but it’s never to early to set up a profile.


All around the world, there are auditions and competitions looking for talent or just to fill a small part. These can be found through websites (like Castpod, BookMe, Casting and many more), through social media, word of mouth and even bulletin boards (yes, they definitely continue to come in handy for gig work). There are all types of roles up for grabs: some might just ask for people to fill space in the background (extras) and others could offer a line or too or an important action for the story.

Auditions can be incredibly stressful. Sometimes people queue up for hours and get rejeted in seconds. And you see your competition which is usually quite intimidating. As they say though: practise makes perfect, so the more you try, the easier it gets.


If you don’t find the right gig through job boards or auditions, we’re in 2023, guys! With YouTube (and other video platforms), you can broadcast yourself. YouTube is particularly great for those looking to be in front of and behind the camera. Many professionals on the site will tell you they didn’t gain a huge following over night. It requires long hours of work to get to a point where your content becomes really entertaining. You can learn from your fans what works and what doesn’t too and adapt your content accordingly.


There you have it: your key to making it big in the entertainment industry. Writing all this down has made me restless. So, it’s time for me to get my dancing shoes on and hit the town! Never neglect your hobbies in the entertainment industry: never know when they might come in handy or open doors for you.

Photo source: https://www.ipr.edu/blogs/film-and-sound-design-2/the-importance-of-communication-on-a-film-set/

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