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How to recruit in the charity sector

Dedicated and skilled volunteers are key for the correct functioning of Non-Profit Organisations. One of the many challenges charities face is not having a sufficient amount of volunteers which can often bring projects to a standstill. So where to find motivated people commited to your cause with limited or any funds? Read more to find out!

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How to create the perfect company video

There is no doubt companies benefit greatly from technological advancements.  The use of online recruitment sites, Skype interviews, video conferencing, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and most important of all, company videos are becoming the norm.

Recent research shows that 55% of online content is video.

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6 easily avoided recruitment mistakes

It’s been a while but welcome back to the Jobboard Finder blog! Today we bring you an article to help you improve the recruitment process of your company. Read on to discover 6 easily avoided recruitment mistakes!

Employees are key to the future development and success of an organisation with HR departments having a crucial role in this regard. The recruitment process can often be daunting and time-consuming and therefore expensive. Finding the right person can be extremely challenging especially when there is a high turnover rate, a limited budget or a tight deadline.

Here are some tips to make the hiring process much more efficient: easily avoided recruitment mistakes

1. Not looking within the company

There could already be someone within the organisation who is perfectly suited for the new vacancy. Not only does this save time as the candidate’s turnover is immediately smaller, making it easier to come to a decision. Internal recruitment is a cost-effective alternative. There are no extra costs for either interviewing external candidates, advertising the job or hiring an HR agency. Furthermore, not looking within your current employees could have an impact on the team’s morale. easily avoided recruitment mistakes

2. Not good enough job description

Companies should explicitly set out the skills, experience and qualifications required from the applicant. Writing an accurate job description might take up a lot of valuable time. Knowing what exactly the role entails will mean your company will have the upper hand and will have higher chances of succeeding in attracting the best fit for the offered post and your business. easily avoided recruitment mistakes

3. Not making optimal use of recruiting tools available such as Jobboard Finder

Recruiting abroad often proves to be a nightmare with confusing websites, regulation measures, unclear requirements to post job offers and, of course, unknown foreign languages. Even knowing which international job boards best fulfill your needs or are more appropriate for the desired post can be very difficult. Jobboard Finder provides valuable and useful information. It offers recruiters access to a centralised data base with information on job boards all across the world, making the recruitment process more accessible, cost-efficient and faster. easily avoided recruitment mistakes

4. Being too strict with criteria

Coming across the perfect candidate who ticks all the boxes and perfectly fits the role seldom happens. It is important to not set standards too high, asking for long lists of qualities and placing too much emphasis on work experience.

This can be detrimental given that only a superhero might possess these requirements. Trying to find a replica of the previous vacant is another mistake. Being too strict or narrow-minded might put off potential candidates who, if given the chance, would give their all. Additionally, this could eventually go against you by limiting your hiring options. easily avoided recruitment mistakes

5. Giving too much importance to the interview

When it comes to recruiting new candidates interviews are always the main focus. Reference letters, CVs, emails, phone calls with referees, presence in social media and the so-called ‘Inbox Assessment’ will often receive less attention and sometimes even be overlooked. This leaves the recruiter to make a decision based solely on a formal conversation.

That is why there is, more and more, a trend to use the traditional interview and CV recruiting method in support with all of the above in order to improve the selection process and make a better decision. easily avoided recruitment mistakes

6. Rushing the hiring decision

Selecting the right person requires time to reflect and explore the options. A company may find itself under pressure to meet a deadline, suddenly having to fill in a new vacant position or having to work with a limited budget. This unables you to carefully evaluate every application.

This may lead to a ‘panic hire’ or a rushed decision that could make your business suffer the consequences. You might spend months training and investing many resources in the new employee just to realise you made a mistake and they are the wrong fit. Slow hiring will save you time and money in the the long run. – 6 easily avoided recruitment mistakes


6 easily avoided recruitment mistakes

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Reducing burnout and improving employee experience

Burnout is a real and widespread phenomenon that affects employees worldwide. It can lead to high turnover and low morale within a company, so HR teams need to know how to be aware of it and what steps to take to combat it. Today on the blog, we are going to look at how to reduce burnout and improve employee experiences and happiness. This is especially important to think about following the holidays, since people may be slow to get back into their work after time off, as well as finding they have large and even unmanageable amounts to do which can be a rude awakening after a relaxing holiday period. So read on for our best tips on dealing with burnout.

Start at the beginning

Burnout needs to be something that companies are on top of from the very beginning of an employee’s journey with them. Therefore, HR personnel should ensure that the employee’s interview and on-boarding process are as positive an experience as possible.

  • Treat all candidates pleasantly and with respect regardless of whether they end up being successful or not. It is a good thing to do to give feedback to all applicants who reach a certain point, and shows candidates and employees-to-be that your business cares about making a good impression in the recruitment process
  • Remember that even if you don’t hire them now, you may want to at a later point; and you want even your unsuccessful candidates to be ambassadors for your brand
  • Research shows that candidates who had a good first experience with a company in the interview stages are happier, more well-adjusted and more likely to stay on for longer with the business


Be flexible

Burnout primarily stems from an unbalanced and unsustainable work-life balance, so to keep your employees from burning out you may want to consider discussing this with them and pursuing alternative arrangements where possible

  • Encourage frequent breaks to keep focus during the work day. Employees who take 5-10 minutes to refocus their minds are more likely to do high quality work for a longer period of time
  • Consider flexible scheduling. If you notice an employee is struggling with their scheduled work hours and their work can feasibly be done from home, encourage them do this, even if it is just for a short time. Managing their own time can be beneficial by allowing them to work around other activities that they enjoy
  • But, remember to establish boundaries too. Where possible, try to make sure your employees are not working outside work hours. They should be using time after work to relax and unplug from the working day, which will allow them to be refreshed and focused for the following days


Spot and address stress early

Keep your eye out for disengaged employees so that you can address problems early on. The longer an employee suffers with feelings of overwork, tiredness and stress, the more likely they are to burnout which can cause many more issues down the line

  • Has an employee been having mood swings or been acting differently following a shift in workload, or a prolonged time with an intense amount of work? Can you sense a change in morale in the whole office? Take these seriously when you first notice them to mitigate future issues
  • You may notice a change in communication from an employee who was previously chatty and communicative and now is silent and uncommunicative. This is also something to pay attention to and talk to them about as soon as possible
  • Check in regularly with employees to gage how they are feeling and how they are coping with their workloads. Informal one-on-one meetings, or small groups meetings, are a good way to judge how your team is feeling and whether they are being overworked to the point of exhaustion and burnout

Always prepare in advance

Don’t let the pre-Christmas or post-holiday rush take you by surprise. These are always busy times of year and also times when employees often have engagements in their personal lives too, making juggling work and home life even more complicated

  • Discuss holidays and time off around this time of year in advance. Try to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the time off that they have and make it as fair as possible
  • Put practices and procedures in place to deal with the holiday season rush. Prioritize urgent tasks and pick up ones that can wait after the rush
  • Where possible, don’t spring new work on employees in busy periods, and warn them in advance when workloads are expected to increase significantly. This can help for their own personal planning and allow them to prepare for busier times to reduce stress and burnout

Focus on

This week we are going to focus on, a French website which deals with Human Resources news. It belongs to a media agency whose activities are dedicated to the HR sector, created in 2009. There are four entities in this agency: Design RH, a company which creates and develops web marketing solutions; myRHbook; Salon Talent Management and finally, the website we are going to present in this article. This French website is very useful for companies, professionals working in HR but also for all workers, especially because they share an important number of interesting articles on the latest work and company news and trends. We can find many different articles on HR news, talent management, HRIS, formation, recruitment as well as on labour legislation, salaries and also simplified pay statement. And this is a non-exhaustive list. We will therefore discover the website, how it is composed, and we will explain you why Jobboard Finder’s team think that it can be interesting for you.

myRHline logo

Many various sections

myRH line items

  • HR news : Diverses and varied news on HR, digitalization, labor law, formation, latest trends, recruitment, in a nutshell, everything that deals with the business world and its humans
  • Calendar : all useful information about the different conventions on HR news and trends, especially in the Paris region
  • Files : specials documents writen on precise HR subjects (well-being, digitalization, working time), investigations. Very interesting and well structured.myRHline English
  • Videos : interviews of HR professionals, companies, testimonials, convention presentation. It is sometimes better to watch the news than reading them!
  • Directory : contact details of’s partners, in the sectors of HR expertise and consulting, software (PGI, HRIS,…), formation and e-learning, talent management, diversity in the workplace, etc.
  • Investigation : studies, benchmark, solutions, pay (the studies are generally charged)
  • HR Eshop : HR files, books, HR solutions (named « the HR toolbox), employer branding or HR studies to help decision-making procedure.eshop RH

Why it is an interesting website

Even if the website is only available in French, can be interesting for many people. Indeed, the available data online is more than interesting for all HR professionals, but also for all types of workers. It is very useful for anyone who is interested in the latest HR trends, recruitment or labour legislation (especially in France). team is present on all social media, and they have the advantage to be always informed about everything in relation with HR. Also, their articles are very pleasant to read (not too long, not too short, and simple to understand).

myRHline homepage

So if you’re looking for information on HR in France especially, is the best website where you can find them!

HR Community Management

The sector of Human Resources is in constant changing and cannot avoid digitalisation. Companies can’t afford not to have a single presence on the Internet and on the different social networks. Sometimes made for professionals or open to everybody, social media are consulted every day, at any time of the day and can allow companies to develop a good internal and external brand image in order to be more attractive in its business activities as well as for its colleagues and future colleagues. In this article, we will see what exactly the HR Community Management is and we will explain to you why companies should have at their disposal an HR Community Manager.

What is HR Community Management and what is it for?

For a few years now, recruiters have been using almost systematically professional and non-professional social networks to find the best candidate. They constantly look on online Job boards and they have been looking on LinkedIn, CV databases, on Twitter or Facebook and even now on Snapchat or with the help of YouTube videos. To use these social networks properly, they have been hiring specialists in digital communication for Human Resources. It is an activity which is getting more and more in vogue. digital recruitment

Branding strategy is now adapting to the HR sector. The aim is to attract the candidate and let him or her come to you on his or her own, and therefore to avoid the long and laborious recruitment process. We often only talk about social networks but actually, this web global strategy adapted to the HR field gathers everything that can be offered in the form of online communication, just like this blog post, or interviews, article, shared experience, accomplishments. You must keep people informed and updated.

In a nutshell, community management, according to Wikipedia, is the “activity of maintaining communication, motivation and efficiency among a group of remote individuals, often only linked together by the Internet”. You need human skills, that is to say a “Community Manager” that will be able to use an adapted pool of tools such as social networks or other tools of instant messaging in order to share networks

The community manager’s missions, in any sector of activity, is to try to create a community without the human link, and therefore to gather, attract, seduce, involve and win the loyalty of people from your company or out of it thanks to your company’s reputation, public image or communication so as to keep your community members’ all together.

Why is it essential for you to have an HR Community Manager?

According to Follow Us, a web marketing and social media agency, 7 out of 10 web users are widely active on the different social networks. This is a considerable number. So having an HR Community Manager is a “strategic necessity”. New technologies have changed HR and communication, everything is now instantaneous. An article on even explains that “communication is the key to the success of all HR functions”. Also, do not forget now that younger generations are at work with the oldest one, and that companies need a combination between both generations that have different “communication style and preferences”.Community Manager

On your professional social networks, you must show your company at its most attractive and show how it is proud of its employees, or we should say collaborators. Keep in mind that in order to have a good external image, you must already have a good internal image and be on the same wave length with the whole company. This will definitely help you distance yourself from other companies and show that you are “the place to work in”. Showing the strong culture of your company will make candidates coming to you. Letting people aware of the culture of the company will let them know about it already before sending an application for example. Have you ever wondered why Google, EA or Starbucks receive so many applications while they only offer only a few positions? Thanks to their powerful and strategic communication plan, and their good brand image, of course.Human Resources

We will finish this article by quoting again: “Those in HR who are working in tandem with Communications and leaders of organizations will be the most successful”. So go ahead, and look for a good HR Community Manager!

Top recruitment & HR inspirational quotes for 2017

Sometimes in life, there are moments when small tasks may seem unbeatable and your work life balance gets knocked out of whack by your job. When you can’t seem to succeed in completing and crossing each thing you need to do off you list and you feel like giving up, it’s time to take a step back from the pile of work and consider your options. Other times, you just need an extra push to motivate you to do the best job in hand that is possible, and this is often difficult to procure from your colleagues and managers. That is why a lot of professionals look to motivational and inspiration quotes to give them the extra boost they need during the day to see them succeed and perform the best they can.


This trend is especially common in the recruitment and human resources world where the whole business runs on the relationship with clients and colleagues. Working with people all day everyday can be the attitude boost that some professionals love and that encourages them to work harder and aspire further. However, sometimes working with people can have a negative effect on the mood you’re in. Take for instance, you’re calling up a client and they have a bad attitude on the phone, you try tirelessly to get them to understand your point of view and put them in a better mood, but it is without success. You end the phone call feeling worse than when you picked it up. This feeling of insignificance and unimportance does not usually last very long, but it still there no matter what.

For some time now professionals have looked to quotations to get them through these hard times and rightly so as reading the struggles that one person has been through and has overcome, can help you see the path to the finish line. By taking these series of words in and considering them during the tough times, can help release that load off your back and help you take the right steps to successful professional management. Not only that, but you can become a more diligent worker and a more successful individual if you accept the messages behind these excerpts.

inspirational q

Here you can read a list of Jobboard Finder’s top and most beneficial quotes for recruiters and HR professionals, chosen by our team of specialist consultants in the international recruitment market. We feel this selection showcases the primary goals and feelings that recruiting workers regularly question during their day to day working lives. Not only does this list highlight the citations that would benefit recruiters, it also looks at the motivations of the clients and the customers, so both people looking to expand their business and job seekers seeking the right opportunity. All of these aspirations come together and can be shared equally between these inspirational sentences.

inspirational s

Feel free to add your own by commenting at the bottom, which quotes you feel help you find strength and motivation during the working day! You never know, your recommendation could help someone else out!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

– Copernicus

Fall 7 times and stand up 8

– Japanese Proverb

If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs

– Anonymous

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

– Chinese Proverbs

You are not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation

– Anonymous

The harder you work, the luckier you get

– Plato

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit

– Aristotle