How to recruit in Poland2 min read

Dorota Beaurin / August 3, 2016
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Caption: How to recruit in Poland2 min read

Are you planning to recruit in Poland? If so, you are in luck because the Jobboard Finder has the best resources for your international recruitment needs. We can help you with any challenge you might encounter. Not only can we help you find the right sites, we can help you choose the right branding.


The Job market in Poland

According to a survey given to foreign investors, most of the Polish workers are ambitious and high skilled and this is what makes Poland such an attractive investment area.

Many companies from various sectors have offices and headquarters in Poland and most of global technological companies such as Google, Microsoft, Opera Software, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Samsung or IBM all have offices with R&D departments there.

Poland has one of the largest working populations in Europe and the level of foreign language skills of the average Polish youth is rising steadily and very fast. The most popular foreign language is English, followed by German and Russian.


Top 4 job boards to recruit Polish professionals

Job boards are still way to spread the employer brand and you are sure to receive lots of job application as nine out of ten Poles between the age of 24 and 39 look for job offers on the internet.

Here is Jobboard Finder’s top selection for this country:




4. InfoPraca

5. GazetaPraca

Unfortunately, these particular job boards are not available in English.

Other effective channels to recruit in Poland

The search for potential candidates through expensive job advertisements plays a marginal role. There aren’t so many positions that could have been filled through this media. Nevertheless, if you decide to publish a vacant position in print media, we would recommend Gazeta wyborcza.


Social networks recruiting

In terms of social recruiting, it is most successful on LinkedIn and GoldenLine. It’s also no surprise that Facebook is the most used social network in Poland. There are more than 9 million users registered. The second social media that is very popular among Polish professionals is GoldenLine, which is a Polish social network and which is their equivalent of LinkedIn. GoldenLine has one million registered users and is all about professional networking. Of course we cannot forget that LinkedIn is being used as well and currently has about 700,000 users in Poland. The usage of Twitter is rather limited and it appears to be used by the politicians and by the marketing departments mostly. The other networks, like Google Plus or Instagram, are rarely used.

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Author: Dorota Beaurin

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  1. We are a higher education institution in the Sultanate of Oman teaching a range of Business, Management, Computing, Networking and Language degrees through the medium of English. We are currently trying to diversify our academic staffing and wondered if any Polish academics would be interested in working in Muscat, a pleasant and hospitable city.

    But how do we do it? If you have ideas, please let me know.

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