Employer Branding and Company Brands in Poland7 min read

Ali Neill / December 9, 2019
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Caption: Employer Branding and Company Brands in Poland7 min read

When it comes to recruiting and branding overseas, it can be challenging to pick the right professional media and job boards. Yet, most jobseekers turn to job sites to discover you companies and not just current job offers. It’s about more than just the visibility and popularity of the website, the design and featured aspects of the company affect how users will view your company. To ensure you select the right media to promote your brand internationally, we had a look at the job boards with the best employer branding in Poland.

Poland is a popular country for recruiters because the labour is low-cost and of a high quality. Furthermore, many young Poles emigrate to EU member states, to earn more money and for more career opportunities. So if you want to recruit some of the best workers for less, then you need to know how to feature your company in Poland.

No Fluff Jobs

The idea behind the design is to look IT. You can either scroll though the list of job offers (each offer gives the publication date, the location, the company and the title, and the “+” lets you compare it to other jobs you select) or the list of companies (which may or may not have any openings). Whether you want to see the jobs on a map or in a list, you can definitely find interesting offers. The jobs are broken down into different categories based on your IT skills, or you can use the search bar (keywords, category, location, salary). It’s refreshing to have standardised job posts with a very detailed “file” (including the essentials, the specs, the project, the job profile, the equipment supplied, technology used, requirements and various perks). Since branching out into Hungary, the site design has become even more savvy than before.


The website is constantly changing its design. If you click on “first job”, you automatically get internships and assistant jobs. To sort the job offers, the filters are the location, the industry, the employer, the type of contract, the level of the job, the salary, the required languages and the publication date. All the categories have the number of available jobs in brackets. They emphasise their app. Company profiles are available (with customised backdrops, a company logo, information about the company, the job offers, the locations, the perks, possible courses, photos, links to the social media, the hiring process, news and a map), which are relatively standardised. As the largest job board in Poland, you run the risk of being overlooked if you aren’t a very big company.


The website layout clearly conveys the idea that they are not solely focused on connecting recruiters and jobseeker. The bottom of the page offers four different categories for your searches: by city (which sometimes appears as a map of Poland), by industry, by job title (with an extensive list of job titles) and by country for jobs abroad. This is is professional and targets Poles looking to work overseas. The jobs appear in order of their pertinence or their date and each one shows the job title (feature), logo, company, location, publication date and some are featured (super offer). The job offers are customised, but each company has their own standard layout. Unfortunately, there are no company pages so it means your logo and job offer alone must attract candidates, so think of including a link to the company site.


Let me introduce you to the LinkedIn of Poland. Well, actually, this job board is really a Linkedin-meets-Glassdoor site. The great thing about Goldenline is that you can find detailed reviews of companies from staff as well as information on the recruitment process. For big companies with many reviews, it is the go-to place for informed jobseekers. You can purchase advertising space (to advertise the company, for example). As for the company profile pages, the left-hand side has 8 sections: summary, why us, employee opinions, employees, hiring process, job offers, location and news. A backdrop photo and a profile picture (usually the logo) make the page look more appealing. Star ratings (salary, benefits, people, the atmosphere and development opportunities) also help you get a better idea of the company. You can easily get (limited) access to the jobseekers’ profiles (including full names and photos). When using Goldenline, know that you are promoting your brand more than your job offers. You are showing potential employees how well you treat the current ones. For employees and jobseekers, you can create an account, and then look for people, companies or jobs. There’s a recommended job” section, a “people you may know” section, etc. Finally, we love the “I want to work here” button to forward information to specific companies.


When you open Praca.pl, the job offers are the focus of the homepage: the search bar is up the top of the page (options to look up a job: city, employer, popular searches) followed by job offers (in a list form) ranging from the weekly offers to the latest offers in order of the newest to the oldest, followed by some of the featured blog articles. The mobile app and guide are advertised on the right-hand side. The quick apply” tick means you don’t have to click on offer to see if you are going to be redirected and some also include a “we recommend” bookmark. Each offer indicated the publication date/time is visible, the job title, company logo and the location. When you open one, it pops up over the screen (which includes a map feature) and the next/previous buttons make it easy to skip though job offers. On the company page however, the layout can be very different from one profile to another, which is confusing. All of this means that companies should turn to Praca if their application process is quick and simple. Thanks to the different filters for companies, (the sector, the name or the region), Praca offers jobseekers the possibility of browsing companies, not just job offers. This means that companies who are open to spontaneous applications could really benefit from creating a page on the site. Another great thing about Praca? The recruitment process is explained and feedback and benefits are also on the site. You can also let your future candidates know the number of people working in the company. If you’re company is like a small second family, let your candidates know! If it’s big and has many career opportunities, feature it!


Absolvent is for students, and you can tell. From the moment you open the site, there is a modern and forward-thinking design, featuring young people in a co-working space. When it comes to the ads, each job offer is customized (photos, layouts and colour schemes can all be altered). Companies have a “profile”, complete with a profile photo (logo), a backdrop, a description of the company, reviews from employees and job offers. Contact information and “similar companies” are listed on the side, as are star ratings (ambiance, pay, etc.). If you know you are better than the competition, then you’ll shine next to the other brands. The only filters are the location and industry, but there is a lot of feedback about the companies (6299 reviews, 2873 employee interviews) and the number of jobs per category is in brackets. The brand is a feature on the site. Similar to Goldenline, companies have ratings, which means jobseekers can even filter them based on their score. Have a great company and many employees to promote it? Then create your company profile on Absolvent!

There you have it! The best job sites to use to feature your company brand in Poland. If you need more information about recruiting in Poland, then check out some of the other Jobboard Finder articles on the Central European country, like these:

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