Interview with Merojob, Nepal’s leading job board

Cara Moore / December 12, 2017
Category : Recruitment

Today, we are bringing you an exclusive interview with Neelima Khanal, an executive at Merojob, Nepal’s number 1 employment website. She discusses the Nepalese job market with us, as well as the range of features that Merojob offers jobseekers and recruiters alike.

How to recruit in Egypt

Cara Moore / December 7, 2017
Category : International recruitment, Recruitment

With very recent political turmoil, the threat of terrorism and revolution, Egypt is not at the forefront for most when considering typical recruitment opportunities. But the country may still remain an interesting investment opportunity for foreign and multinational companies. Here is some more information about the job market and recruiting practices in Egypt.

State of the UK recruitment market at the end of 2017

Cara Moore / November 28, 2017
Category : Recruitment, Recruitment news and technology

As 2017 draws to an end, employees in human resources and recruitment should stop and reflect on the past year, which has not been the easiest for the UK recruitment market. The post-Brexit uncertainty is still very much playing on the minds of hiring managers and recruitment personnel, and budget cuts in several sectors have a knock-on effect. So how is the market looking as we head into 2018?