Interview with HOTELCAREER, a leader in the hospitality industry3 min read

Cara Moore / December 19, 2017
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Caption: Interview with HOTELCAREER, a leader in the hospitality industry3 min read

This week we were lucky enough to get an interview with Pierre-Emmanuel Derriks, CEO of YourCareerGroup which includes the job board HOTELCAREER. HOTELCAREER was recently added to Jobboard Finder’s search engine and it is a French and European job board specialising in the hospitality, catering and tourism sectors. See below for more information about this job board and its latest activity and growth!

Can you tell us more about your job board and its current positioning in the international job board market?

YOURCAREERGROUP is a specialized network of job boards dedicated to hotel and catering jobs (HOTELCAREER, TOURISTIKCAREER and GASTROJOBS).

Due to our expansive presence in the hospitality market in Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Austria but also in Spain and Portugal since we acquired Turijobs last September 2017), we are currently one of the top job boards in Western Europe on the hospitality e-recruiting market.


What are the specific features that make your job board different from your competitors?

Our mission is to enable people to find the job they love. We provide organizations with the right service-minded people. This way, we directly contribute to unforgettable moments in guests’ lives.

To achieve those missions, our products are very much adapted to the hospitality market: designated listings (logo + pictures), our international CV database, company reviews, and our HR software.  Our unique partner network in Europe offers extra-visibility among a very targeted audience.



What can you say about the current traffic on your website? What countries are visiting more often?

On all our websites, we have almost 2,000,000 visitors each month. More than 495 000 professionals are registered on our websites to look for a job in hospitality. 2.5 million listings are viewed every month.



How do you plan to develop your job board within the next few years? Any new projects?

We aim to strengthen our leading position in Western Europe for hospitality recruitment. We also plan to develop new products, and to adapt tools from StepStone (our parent company and the leading generalist jobboard in Europe) to the hospitality sector.

Then, we will intensify our cooperation with our sister-companies, Caterer (in the UK) and Caterer Global (international platform). Together, we gather the greatest network of hospitality professionals, with 4 000 000 specialized CVs.


What are the main challenges you will be facing in the coming years?

The hospitality market is a difficult market in which to find the right employees. So we have to keep delivering more qualified candidates to our customers. We want to remain the number 1 website destination for candidates when it comes to finding job they love in hospitality. To sum up, we are here to increase the value of our hospitality jobs. Our jobs unite us with recruiters and candidates.


What do you think about Jobboard Finder and why is it an advantage for you to be registered on our website?

We have not been registered on Jobboard Finder for all that long, however it seems to be a good tool for every recruiter, helping them to find the right media depending on their needs. We hope to get many customers thanks to Jobboard Finder.


Thank you Pierre-Emmanuel and we wish HOTELCAREER all the best in their future growth and development!


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