Five ways text messaging can improve HR efficiency

Cara Moore / February 13, 2018
Category : Recruitment

Welcome back to the Jobboard Finder blog! Today we have an article by Ken Rhie, CEO of Trumpia on how to use text messaging to streamline and improve HR communications and efficiency. Read on to find out more!

Successful Human Resources departments largely owe their success to effective communication. While emails and phone calls are useful, it is now beneficial for most companies to have the capability of text messaging for communication between employees and the HR department.

Best job boards in Estonia and Latvia

Cara Moore / February 6, 2018
Category : Recruitment

Welcome back to the blog, Jobboard Finder blog readers! Today we are featuring an area that we haven’t before and focussing on the best job boards in Estonia and Latvia. These two countries share a border with each other as well as with Russia, and they also have extensive coastlines onto the Baltic sea, in Northern Europe.

What’s new in HR in 2018?

Cara Moore / February 1, 2018
Category : Recruitment

Happy first of February Jobboard Finder blog readers! The first month of 2018 has set the tone for the HR and recruitment industries for the rest of the year and so without further ado, here’s what’s new in the HR world in 2018.

How to recruit in accounting

Cara Moore / January 30, 2018
Category : Recruitment

We are bringing you an article today about how to lead your recruitment campaign and find the top accounting talent. These job boards specialise in accountancy and finance vacancies and are a great resource for job recruiters and jobseekers in the industry. Read on for more information!

How to write the perfect job advert

Cara Moore / January 23, 2018
Category : Recruitment

As a purchasing and publishing tool for Human Resources needs, here at Jobboard Finder we get to see our fair share of job adverts, good and bad. We thought that it might be useful to write out some guidelines of how to write a really good job advert that will get you high quality applicants reaching out to you in interest. Read on for our best tips!