How to write the perfect job advert4 min read

Cara Moore / January 23, 2018
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Caption: How to write the perfect job advert4 min read

As a purchasing and publishing tool for Human Resources needs, here at Jobboard Finder we get to see our fair share of job adverts, good and bad. We thought that it might be useful to write out some guidelines of how to write a really good job advert that will get you high quality applicants reaching out to you in interest. Read on for our best tips!

Start on the job title

Not to be dramatic, but the job title is the number 1 most crucial thing to get right when writing a job advert. If you think about it this makes sense: when a jobseeker is looking on a job board, they will search specific and commonly-used terms to find jobs that appeal to them. So, when thinking up the title of your job advert:

  1. Choose the most click-worthy title rather than necessarily what the position is called in your company (within reason, of course!)
  2. Don’t try and use niche or bizarre names to make your advert stand out. Titles like ‘programming ninja’ are clichés for a reason and they make your advert less, not more, effective
  3. Remember this is the first thing your candidates will see and what will make them click on your job advert. Make it sound interesting but not silly!


Make your job advert as easily and clear to read as possible. No candidate wants to trawl through trying to find the relevant information in a muddled and messy job advert!

  1. Subheadings are a really useful tool when used correctly. Break your advert down into things like ‘Daily tasks’ ‘Requirements and preferences’ and ‘The company’
  2. Make it really clear what you are offering candidates with this job. Remember, this is your time to sell your job and you have to make it sound as attractive as possible!


Write the job role well

You need to be really clear and persuasive with what you are offering your employee-to-be. Let’s face it, not every job is the most exciting thing on the planet and that’s normal! But the job advert is the place you need to show off what is special about

  1. Tell candidates what a day in this role typically looks like. What are its daily tasks and challenges? Which sectors can it expect to work closely with?
  2. Describe what they stand to learn in this role and it will sound a lot more interesting
  3. Explain how candidates can use their skills to achieve things in this job role and contribute to the company’s wider mission


Tell your company’s story

While the individual job role is undeniably very important, you need to make sure you frame the company itself in the most attractive light. After all, company culture is the number 1 thing that more and more jobseekers are looking for and prioritising in their job searches. Here are some things you could tell the candidates about your company:

  1. What you stand for, your history and your values
  2. Your company’s greater mission and how you work to achieve it
  3. Why your company is a great place to work. Why do your employees love working for you?
  4. What kind of career progression do employees tend to see with you?

Attractive information

Jobseekers want to know what you can offer to attract them in besides the job! Don’t forget to mention salary and any great benefits that you offer, as well as any other miscellaneous perks that are available to them.

Proof reading

The job advert isn’t over until it’s over! Once you have drafted and written up your ‘perfect’ job advert, you want to make sure other people read it too.

  • Have several other people in your company read the advert and see if it’s clear and correct
  • If you know the position inside and out, the description might be obvious to you, but make sure it is easy for others to understand too


Good luck and happy job advert writing!

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