Ezbeez mobile application : recruitment is only 3 clicks away

Dorota Beaurin / February 25, 2016
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Caption: Ezbeez mobile application : recruitment is only 3 clicks away

If you are frequently reading this news section, you are all aware that the recruiting industry is constantly growing, evolving and reinventing itself. Therefore, it is important for both employers and potential employees to stay up to date with the latest recruiting tools and trends.

We have already mentioned how Instagram and mobile gaming can help the recruitment process. It seems that mobile recruitment is increasing in popularity. In this context, the application Ezbeez has been attracting a lot of attention lately from employers as well as from jobseekers.


Ezbeez, which stands for easy business, is an idea born in 2014 in the minds of Ugo Loustalet and Manfred Olm. They launched their start-up in 2015 to implement it. They initially started with Luxembourg and French market and will look at expanding further in the years to come.

The idea : impulse hiring

We all know impulse buying: the buying of goods on an unplanned decision made at the last minute. However, we are not that familiar with impulse hiring. Indeed, it is a new concept based on the observation that it is often long and complicated for Small and Medium Businesses to hire a new employee.

When the need is urgent (like a company winning a project and acquiring a new customer), the administrative tasks can be so heavy that some companies will resort to subcontracting or sometimes even refrain from hiring. This is extremely damageable for both the company, which risks missing a growth opportunity, and for jobseekers.

Ezbeet idea is to give the answer to the employer unplanned human resources need while decreasing employee lack of security. It enables employers to recruit, hire and pay an employee with only a few clicks on their smartphone. This way, employers and jobseekers can meet and work together in a very simple way without any unnecessary administrative constraint.


Like nothing else before

As explained in our article on how to land your dreamjob using Linkedin, it is very important for a candidate to stand out from the crowd. Also to attract the best and most adequate candidates, recruiters must outline how unique is the job opportunity they offer.
Similarly, like any business, a recruitment job application must differentiate itself to succeed.

Several mobile applications like Kudoz or Simply Hired already put in contact employers and employees. However, Ezbeez is the only one offering a complete gestion of all the hiring process and the associated administrative flows: searching for the right candidate, hiring him, establishing his work contract and editing his paysleeps.


How it works

Ezbeez uses a double matching process, simingly inspired by dating websites. It can be seen as 8 steps :

1. The company registers and fills an online profile. It includes information like a description of their activities and their bank account details.

2. The company publishes a job add.

3. Jobseekers are requested to fill an online profile. This is one of Ezbeez innovations: the traditional CV is relaced with a skills graph. The idea is to emphasize practical experience rather than long studies. According to Ugo Loustalet, the traditional CV is often to theoretical and does not describe well the person actual skills.

4. Ezbeet algorithm matches the right company with the right candidates.

5. Candidates receive the job offer selection and can apply through a “motivation tweet”. Made of 140 characters only, this replaces the traditional motivation letter.

6. The company receives the answers from the shortlisted candidates and choses the right one.

7. The application generates a work contract and takes care of the related administrative tasks.

8. Ezbeez takes care of paying the employee, editing the payslip and calculating the employer taxes.


To sum up

For the companies this innovative tool could be a decisive step forward in simplifying administrative tasks linked to an employment. Administrative procedures are no longer the responsibility of the employer, which is a real time and money saving.

This application seems to be particularly adapted to seasonal jobs or jobs in hotels and restaurants where turnover is higher than average. In those fields of activity, it will allow for a quick match between companies and workers. It will ensure hiring is not delayed due to administrative tasks while ensuring workers to be paid in the end of the month and receive all legal documents.

This application is so far available in French and in English. Use is free for job seekers and starts at 5 euros per month for businesses.

And you? Are you using mobile platforms for your recruitments?
Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section

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