Free job boards

Anne-Marie / July 11, 2017
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Recruitment can be very expensive for some companies and recruitment agencies. And when you decide to cut the costs of your next recruitment campaign, it can be very tricky, because you don’t know which kind of applications you will receive. On the other hand, you will probably save money,

The best job sites in the world

Dorota Beaurin / July 28, 2016
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We previously introduced to you what we consider to be the best language job boards and the best finance job boards. Today, we’re releasing our list of the 3 best job boards worldwide.As the world leading job board search engine we are aware how important is to find the best job boards and we trust our guide will help you to choose the right media for your recruiting campaign.

JOBdnes – a key player in Czech Republic

Dorota Beaurin / May 3, 2016
Category : Global job boards, Interviews, Job board information, Job board interviews

To bring the spotlight to this interesting country, we recently interviewed one of our 896 job board partners and one of the leading job boards in Czech Republic. We spoke with Vladimír Dubeň who works as Head of S. M. E. Sales. He gave us some insight about Czech e-recruitment market and how he sees its evolution in the future. He then explained to us JobDNES strategy to keep increasing its market share and the new features they will introduce on the market.