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Dorota Beaurin / July 21, 2016
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Many of us are dreaming about living abroad but can often be too scared to look for a job opportunity in a different country. This is when one of our partner job board comes along. Recently we had a pleasure to interview Sonia Poggi, Administrative & Sales Assistant at and its current positioning

MEJ is an international job board specialised in employment for expatriates, “impatriates” and international profiles.

This job board is opened to anyone who wishes to have, or wants to strengthen an international experience, and thus to make their professional career more attractive in an increasingly globalized future.

Specific features of

This new job board stands out through its strong presence on social networks, but also through its specific and adapted research filters (for CV and job offers), its multiple country profiles available, plenty of tips for candidates and also for its cheap and simple billing method.

– The pricing is very simple; efficient, low cost and transparent, divided in three packages.

4400 candidates are registered in 120 countries, 5 continents.

– There is also a blog on the site with articles related to expatriation, recommendations to look for a job depending on the country, tips to edit resumes, etc.

– We broadcast offers to our candidates and to our community members and through links visible across the largest recruiting meta-engines.

– Recruiters can create their business page (description, videos, links to their website and social networks, values, etc.)

– They also benefit from our growing community on social networks, over 6000 members spread over 75 countries, i.e. 5 continents.


Idea of creating a job board for expatriates

Jorge Prieto Martin, Manager of RHExpat has over 15 years of experience as an international mobility Advisor. He began working for big companies and later created his own International Mobility Consulting Firm, RHExpat, which he founded in 2011. After a while he realizes that there are few job sites for expats, and none of them really stands out in the field of expatriation. This is why he decides to create “RHExpat Emploi” with his partner Damien Labdouche by the end of 2013.

More than a year after its creation, as the site was operating in autonomy, a development strategy is implemented. Then follows a new name, MyExpatJob, a new logo, new partnerships, a new policy rate …

Best innovations

With our expertise in the field of International Mobility, we closely follow the latest trends in international labour market, and we constantly listen to the needs of recruiters and candidates.

On the other hand we use new technologies and we rely heavily on networks to develop our projects and make our job board grow every day.

Company culture

Our company works on a perfect balance, based on empowerment, integrity and client care.

We also provide a point of honor to develop team spirit. We believe that our ability to work together and share, makes us give the best of each other, this reflects on the way we care and provide the best possible service to our clients; by helping people find work in a foreign country, we believe we can positively change their lives, and make their dreams come true.

Global e-recruitment market

The e-recruitment market is definitely being boosted by the arrival of new players and the emergence of new technologies for several reasons.

Cost efficiency

Time saving

Worldwide search

Scope for better match…

The truth is that we see more and more jobs scrolling on all social networks, for better or worse… Fake job offers, vast pool or non-serious applicants…

Your target audience and current traffic

As regards candidates, they cover a large population that goes from the student seeking an internship abroad to the executive looking forward to emigrate in an international firm, or just simply multicultural candidates searching for jobs in international oriented companies in France.

Regarding recruiters, every single company searching for International profiles and/or experience.

We regularly receive between 6,000 and 8,000 unique visits/month on our website and we currently have 3,335 CV registered (an average of 10 candidates per day).

Major challenges

Globalization has a direct impact on expatriation growth, that phenomenon magnifies constantly and we will be expecting the market to continue expanding.

The challenge will be to be chosen as the jobboard reference for international recruiters and candidates. To reach this goal we bet on our community who is the guts of MyExpatJob.

Next steps and projects

Recently, the site has been completely changed with a new design, new sources of information available, and last but not least … a multiple language website.

So we are going to continue to improve the site by developping more accurate features of our job search engine, more competitive and innovative information, and of course make a point on pampering our community through their feedback.


About the founder

Jorge Prieto Martin has over 15 years of experience in international mobility (IM), at the beginning in large groups and then in his own consulting company IM, RHExpat, which he founded in 2011. He realizes that there are a few job sites for expats, but none really stands out in the field of expatriation. This is why he decides with his partner, Damien Labdouche, to create RHExpat Employment by the end of 2013.

More than a year after its creation, as the site was operating in autonomy, a development strategy is implemented. Then follows a new name, MyExpatJob, a new logo, new partnerships, a new rate policy … MyExpatJob has the means and aspires to become a market leader.

More recently, the site has been completely redrawn with a new design, new sources of information available for you and finally … a multiple language website, not silly for an expats job board, right?

Author: Dorota Beaurin

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  1. Friends: I am just an American expat living in Turkey, my wife is Turkish, I served honorably 8 yrs. in the US Air Force 75-83, then worked thru March 2015 for various US Defense Contractors in various overseas locations, mostly in the Middle East. We live in Selcuk, south of Izmir. I just would like to find something to keep me occupied as long as I am fit and able to work. I have always been a workaholic by trade. Thanks for any help you might be.

    Larry Lillibridge

  2. i would like to come and work with you their in Denmark, how can get competent company, organization in your country, iam professional driver in Uganda and i can drive in African countries and beyond
    thank you if i get reply and requirements
    BALUKU ERNEST +256772744783

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