Snapchat used to boost recruitment!

Maria / January 17, 2017
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In one of our previous articles we had explained how Instagram was becoming one of the hot trends for recruiters to expand their hiring audience and target a group of people who would be suited to their company. Seeing as social media platforms are the number one reason millennials are asking for smart phones these days, businesses are now getting a hold on social network pages to boost their employer branding and social media is proving to be highly effective for successful recruitment campaigns. This new generation are using Snapchat to broadcast themselves and in a way to publicize their skills on the internet for others to notice, so recruiters should start to do the same.

Top recruitment trends in 2017

Maria / January 3, 2017
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It is always difficult to predict what features will appear predominately each year and which technologies will gain avid followers, as we don’t know what innovate ideas will be released during the year. However, the HR world is sure to be limited once again in 2017 by budget caps and resources, so we shall see if these trends do make an impact or not. Even small recruitment teams can follow these directions to keep up with the talent competition and produce successful business results without competing with the big names.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Recruiting on Instagram

Maria / November 29, 2016
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Instagram has had an astronomical boost in popularity over the past 5 years and is now at the forefront of social media usage. It is competing with the likes of Facebook in terms of users and has even over taken Twitter on the number of hours the average visitor spends a day. In November 2016, over 500 million active monthly users were using Insta to edit and share their photos with friends and followers. Now recruiters are starting to realize that this is an untapped resource and medium to attract candidates during recruitment campaigns. This tendency that has started to appear more and more over the past few years is changing the way Instagram is being viewed by recruiters.

Reducing the cost of recruitment

Maria / September 6, 2016
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Whether you are the leader of your own recruitment campaign or use an external staffing agency, hiring and retaining talent can be a difficult and expensive task. Here at Jobboard Finder we have put together our years of HR experience to bring you the best advice to effectively cut these recruitment costs.

How to Recruit Amazing Talent with Pokémon Go

Marc Mendelman / August 8, 2016
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Nobody could have foreseen the cultural phenomenon that is Pokémon Go. The popularity of the game has divided everyone in two camps. Those who absolutely hate it, and can’t understand what the fuss is all about, and those who absolutely adore it.

As a recruiter, you shouldn’t take sides, and realize that this is a great opportunity to find some of the best young talent there is, before anyone else.