Interview with Proven

Maria / September 20, 2016
Category : Interviews, Job board interviews

On Friday, we were lucky enough to chat with the co-founder of Proven, Pablo Fuentes. Other than discussing his highly popular US job board which was launched in 2009 to help small businesses with hiring products, we also talked about the challenges they face in the job board market and the future plans and projects.

How to Recruit in Denmark

Maria / September 15, 2016
Category : International recruitment, Recruitment

Denmark is renowned for being one of the happiest nations in the world and one of the best places to work in Europe, with employee welfare as a priority, decent pay, and generous holiday allowance, it is no surprise that the unemployment rate is one of the lowest to be found in the European Union. However, before everyone decides to move to this employment paradise, it is good to have some idea of the benefits and limitations of their job market. Here at Jobboard Finder, we have put together some information on how to run a smooth and successful recruitment drive in Denmark.

How to recruit in Russia

Maria / September 8, 2016
Category : International recruitment, Recruitment

For the last couple of years, Russia has been one of the world leaders in economic success and it is unsurprising that many international companies have decided to jump on board and open offices in this country. Although Russia can sometimes seem like a foreign and unapproachable country, it is essential to remember during a recruitment campaign that Moscow technically is in Europe and that culturally this country is not completely different from the Western world. That being said, sometimes recruiters need just a little guidance with their hiring procedure abroad and Jobboard Finder is here to provide just that.

Reducing the cost of recruitment

Maria / September 6, 2016
Category : Recruitment, Recruitment advice, Social media

Whether you are the leader of your own recruitment campaign or use an external staffing agency, hiring and retaining talent can be a difficult and expensive task. Here at Jobboard Finder we have put together our years of HR experience to bring you the best advice to effectively cut these recruitment costs.

How to Recruit in Japan

Maria / September 1, 2016
Category : International recruitment, Recruitment

It may seem that Japan has a similar business culture as the Western world but according to PWC’s 15th Annual Global CEO Survey of 2012 it remains one of the most difficult countries to source, find and attract talent. Many recruiters struggle with the task of hiring Japanese professionals because of a lack of experience with the culture and local business practices. Here at Jobboard Finder, we have put together some essential advice for companies looking to operate in Japan and a list of our highly recommended job boards.