4 problems for international recruitment

Maria / October 18, 2016
Category : Legislation, Recruitment, Recruitment advice

Launching an international recruitment campaign in a foreign country is a great opportunity for your business to expand and your company to grow, but many recruiters do not realize the variety of problems that they will inevitably have to face during this process. Here at Jobboard Finder, we are experienced players in the world of international recruitment and we have offered our tips to help employers run a smooth recruitment drive.

How to recruit in Sweden

Maria / October 13, 2016
Category : International recruitment, Recruitment

Sweden is known for being one of the happiest nations in the world thanks to the generous employment conditions, comfortable social support and affluent lifestyle. But recently the country has slipped a few places in the world happiness ranking and people are starting to wonder if it still boasts the same high standard of living as it used to. Here at Jobboard Finder, we will be evaluating the labour market in Sweden and delivering you advice for your job search and recruitment campaign.

4 key signs that you need to quit your job

Maria / October 6, 2016
Category : Jobseeker, Jobseeker advice

We all have moments when we really question if our job is worth turning off the snooze button for the third time and getting out of our warm beds in the winter mornings when it is so dark and cold that you can see your breath in front of you. At these points in our life, we really start to doubt the importance of the job that we do every day and this leads us to considering other possibilities or opportunities elsewhere.

How to recruit in South Africa

Maria / October 4, 2016
Category : International recruitment, Recruitment

Over the past few years there has been a huge rise in international investment in South Africa as more and more global companies are choosing to do business, set up offices, and hire nationals. As Africa’s biggest economy it is clear to see why South Africa is so attractive to the rest of the world and many see the country as a potential gateway to the economies and markets of the nearby African countries.

How to recruit in Australia

Maria / September 29, 2016
Category : International recruitment, Recruitment

Australia’s labour market is growing rapidly and over the past few years we have seen the number of job positions increase exponentially. So much so that many Europeans are making the leap and emigrating to benefit from the high wages, good quality of life and compulsory Friday beer. Here at Jobboard Finder we have collected some info and tips on the Australian market for both job seekers and recruiters alike.

Biggest mistakes recruiters can make

Maria / September 27, 2016
Category : Recruitment, Recruitment advice

You can find hundreds of articles on the web about the worst mistake a job seeker can do and even more about interview etiquette, but not much is said about the biggest turn offs for a job seeker. But in fact, one slight slip up and a bad reputation among job seekers is formed, affecting the company’s future hiring campaigns.

Advice for Small Business Hiring

Maria / September 22, 2016
Category : Job board information, Job board tips and help

If you have just launched a start-up or your business is still in the early stages of taking off then you will know what exciting and challenging times lie ahead. But finding the right people to share in the buzz is not always an easy task and for directors of small businesses the hiring process can be a very personal experience as it is a search for someone to share in your dream. We have compiled a brief list of key points to bear in mind when you start looking for that potential employee.