Top 5 job boards for recruiting in South America4 min read

Cara Moore / August 22, 2017
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Caption: Top 5 job boards for recruiting in South America4 min read

Today we will be focusing on the best job boards to use if you are looking to recruit in South America; specifically, in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. While these countries have long been overlooked in favour of their more economically prosperous neighbours Argentina, Chile and Brazil, their time in the spotlight may be just around the corner.

Peru is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, with a GDP growth rate of 6.3% in 2012. Equally Colombia has experienced an economic boom in recent decades and Ecuador too has bounced back from its 1999 financial crisis, suggesting the future is bright for these Latin American countries.

It is worth remembering too that Spanish is the second-most spoken native language in the world, so don’t be too hasty to write off these countries despite their relative lack of English speakers compared to European nations. It is definitely worth expanding your recruitment searches this way if possible. With all three of these nations boasting not only enormous reserves of natural resources ranging from petroleum and cotton to bananas and coffee, but also a young, active and increasingly educated workforce, these South American nations are the ones to keep an eye on for your future recruitment needs.

5. Buscojobs

This is a popular job board acting throughout the continent. You can efficiently filter your search by date published, as well as department and area, allowing jobseekers to narrow down their options effectively. The site also offers the possibility to promote your job offer on the home page by featuring it in its top offers. With 650,000 page-views on average per month, this is definitely a beneficial feature to boost your job offer’s visibility.

4. Aptitus

The site is attractive and relatively simple to use, allowing you to search by key words to locate a wide range of vacancies. Over 1500 recruiters are currently choosing this platform to reach out to jobseekers, and the site displays their current recruiters, amongst which are McDonald’s and DirecTV. In order to actually access and apply to the job offers as a jobseeker you need to have created an account. Still, as a well-known and well-organised site, this is a good choice for recruiting in Peru.

3. Bumeran

It is one of the largest job boards in Peru and one of the most visited too, with an average per month of 2.5 million visits over the last 6 months. Not only this but the Bumeran group has job boards in Ecuador and Colombia too, as well as nearly every other country in South America. The interface is comprehensive, attractive and clear, and the site is easy to use and quick. The job offers are updated regularly and come from a wide variety of job sectors, with most jobs coming from the sales and purchasing, and building industries. Bumeran also has a partner site,, which offers an easy-to-access CV database alongside the regular job board offer-posting and search functions.

2. Indeed Peru

In second place is Indeed. A global giant and the number one job site worldwide, this job board is unsurprisingly also popular in Peru, although Colombia and Ecuador lack their own national site. Job posting is free and the audience is enormous, with it being the first place many people turn to when they are job seeking. This makes it a very attractive option to publish a job advert if you are looking to attract a wide base of applicants.

1. Computrabajo

And finally, in first place we have Computrabajos. For recruitment in South America you need look no further than this site. It is the #1 generalist job board in each of our three countries, with the Colombian version of the site amassing almost 100,000 job adverts. New ads are added every day and gain a huge amount of exposure due to the site’s popularity. There is also a feature enabling searches for vocational courses, which could be extremely helpful for someone looking for a career change.

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Author: Cara Moore

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  1. Hi Cara, I am looking for hiring remote people in technical customer support. Due to our customers, we prefer North American timezone. Therefore I am looking into LATAM. Any hints where to find these people best? English websites obv preferred.

    1. Thank you for your comment, we are happy to assist you! The Jobboard Finder Team will get in touch with you soon

  2. Hi Cara, Iam looking for english language job board to source candidates from south america. Can you help me with any appropriate tool?

  3. Hi Cara, our company is looking for great boards to source remote Account Managers and Designers in S America, any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Ivan,
      Thank your for your message!
      You will be contacted asap by one of our consultants.

  4. Hello Cara,

    I am looking for job board to source candidates from South America, specifically online English tutors. If possible, without the requirement of RUC number, since my company is not from Latin America. Can you please help me with any appropriate tool? Thank you in advance.

  5. Hello Cara,

    I am an expat from the U.S. and I am seeking construction management job opportunities in South America. My only language is english and I can speak minimal spanish. Is there somewhere I can search to find a job in my careerfield

    1. Hi Michael :) That’s an interesting question. I would recommend checking out the different job boards in South America and to read some of our articles on how to recruit in Colombia, Uruguay, etc. These articles also give advice to those looking for work because they look at the different culture. Many places in the south expect you to speak Spanish and they also expect you to have connections. I hope that helps!

  6. HI Cara, I’m looking for recommended job boards to source candidates in LATAM area in English language. Any recommendations?

  7. Dear Cara,

    We are seeking to recruit candidates to join our company in the Caribbean, we are a construction company-NH International (Caribbean) Ltd with over 50 years in construction experience, we are seeking Project Managers, Construction Manager and Quantity Surveyors , there can you recommend job boards to source these candidates, looking forward to your response.

  8. Hello Cara,

    I am looking for job board to source candidates from South America, specifically IT SALES REPRESENTATIVE. My company is not from Latin America. Can you please help me with any appropriate tool? Thank you in advance. Company

  9. Hello!

    I am looking for job boards to source candidates from Latin America, the role we are hiring for is Spanish-English Bilingual Customer Support Representative. These roles are full-time work-from-home roles. Our company is from the US.

    What are the requirements needed? Thank you!

  10. Hi Cara,

    I am a freelance recruiter and I am constantly looking for candidates in Latin America. Do you have recommendations as to where I should look for Latin American talents with a strong level of English?

  11. I am looking for a virtual assistant from Latin America. Which site would you suggest would be the best?

  12. We are an international recruiter with limited experience of recruiting from South America.

    Our clients are increasingly interested in English speaking (level 4 IELTS) hospitality workers to work in the Middle East.
    Also care workers (level 4 IELTS) to work in facilities in Europe.

    Which job boards would you recommend to cover ALL of South America.

  13. Hi Cara. Great blog! I am looking to hire someone on a remote basis in South America. They need to speak English fluently with little to no accent (possible?) All the website you recommended are in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish fluently so I was wondering if you know of any websites like (which is all in English) but for the South American market. Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Laz- You do not mention exactly what you the job title or duties are? Can you expand a bit?

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