Is LinkedIn Still a Good Recruitment Tool?3 min read

Anne-Marie / June 13, 2017
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Caption: Is LinkedIn Still a Good Recruitment Tool?3 min read

LinkedIn is considered the professional social network. Ever since its creation in 2003, the website has been popping up everywhere. It has gathered more than 500 million members. It keeps on developing new features, which are more or less controversial. On the page 40 of Recruitment Grapevine magazine, we found a very interesting article discussing LinkedIn’s latest updates last week. So here is an overview on the social network. We wondered whether LinkedIn is still a good recruitment tool. For most, the site is considered simple, easy to use that allows candidates, recruiters and employees to meet each other on a single platform.


Unconvincing new features

According to many recruiting professionals who spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, it seems that the brand new features added in the last couple of weeks have made the website more complex to use, for their free and premium access. There were so many complaints that LinkedIn’s developers have promised to bring back some old features. So there is definitely an issue, especially because some changes seem to encourage unconscious bias, a recurring problem in recruitment which we talked about a few weeks ago, in an article on blind recruitment. This unconscious bias is present when you you choose a college, for example, and only see the candidates coming from the most expensive universities.

It is true that new technologies can potentially improve recruitment, allowing recruiters to save time and money to make the most of an expensive campaign. However, social media and other technologies must not be the decision-making tools, as we explained in a previous article.

Is LinkedIn still a good recruitment site?

linkedin recruitment figures

It is first important to remind everybody that on LinkedIn, there are more than 3 million active job adverts from all around the world. As a popular international website, it remains one of the best means to find a job or a good candidate. Algorithms and artificial intelligence used by LinkedIn are designed to assist during the first selection of candidates. This first screening will not allow recruiters to find the perfect candidate straight away, but it can help save time so that recruiters can focus on other tasks. The idea is to rule out the wrong candidates from the get-go based on their LinkedIn behaviour. LinkedIn also enables recruiters to cross-check information from the candidate’s CV.

It is therefore a good recruitment tool, but we have to say that these new changes should not impact the very essence of LinkedIn. It needs to remain professional. Even if there are many issues on the standard website, the LinkedIn Recruiter version is still very efficient and simple to use. It is clear that LinkedIn has revolutionized the world of work by creating an open database of CVs and contact details.logo linkedin

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